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“Bad dog!” is my new favorite phrase.

[Can you hear the sarcasm?]

Yep, due to some overwhelming issues the past week, I’m starting to realize something is not completely right in our doggy dog world. Yes, our three have endured a great deal of change over the past month: new home, new yard, new neighborhood, new dog sitter, new schedule . . . I guess I shouldn’t really be surprised by their defiance.

I can’t only be focused on my happiness.

Anyway, change needs to happen and the change probably needs to start with me. Now, let me just preface this by saying, these dogs are in no way neglected. They have good parents, good food, good toys, good beds, good cuddle time – they have a very privileged life in the canine sense of the world, BUT something is causing weird behavior and behavior is generally a result of one’s reaction to one’s environment.

“We have to use exercise, discipline, and affection each day. Most of the time people share affection, affection, affection, and that creates frustration. In a powerful breed, it’s going to lead him to aggression. So exercise and discipline play a big role in balance.” – Cesar Millan

I must take these unwanted behavioral developments and counterbalance them by inducing new practices within my daily schedule to boost the well being of our dogs. I’ll be the first one to admit as a whole, they don’t get a lot of exercise. They do go outside to do their business three-four times a day, but other than playing around the house with each other, they have no real way of releasing all their pup-like energy. I’m venturing to guess this, along with all the current adjustments they’ve had to endure, has lead me to these unfavorable experiences [driving me bat shit crazy!!!]

I think they’re bored.

So, I have two plans. I’m going to take them outside in the yard after my lunch each day and play with them for at least 30 minutes and I’m going to switch out their toys each day. I can’t only be focused on my happiness. I thought this was something I already knew. Since D has a stressful job, I do my very best to create a relaxing environment for him when he gets home. Why didn’t this same courtesy occur to me in regards to the dogs? They deserve to be happy.

I guess that’s why you live and learn. Well, gotta go on a PetsMart run 😉 later!