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There are honestly so many exceptional things about OMA’s (Oceanside Museum of Art) Art After Dark events:

First off, every one of these mash-up art parties includes art exhibits, music, interactive projects, dancing, food, beer, wine . . . yep, you’ve pretty much died and gone to my idyllic version of adult heaven.

Secondly, each one of these is centered on a different theme and combines creativity with entertainment – umm, where do I sign up?

And last [but not in the slightest way least] OMA encourages its partygoers to dress up according to said theme.


Yes, boys and girls, this is my absolute FAVORITE part of Art After Dark = THE COSTUMES!

Art After Dark: Cruisin' Culture

(Art After Dark: Cruisin’ Culture – Circa 2012 – Photo by Robin Shook)

I have and always will love dressing up as someone else. It’s why I love Halloween, thrift shops, and Art After Dark. But most importantly, this is why YOU need to join us on Valentine’s Day this coming Friday, February 14th! We’re kicking off the 2014 season with one of the easiest subjects to fashion for >>> Vintage POP! That’s right. This avant-garde soiree will explore the very best of vintage pop culture, music, and art from the 50’s through 80’s. And everyone [and I do mean everyone] has something in his or her closet resembling one of these eras and we want to see you in all the glory of your chosen vintage. I’m personally going 70’s this time around.

Any idea of what you will wear?

Now, if the whole notion of wearing a dated outfit hasn’t won over your calendar yet, you truthfully don’t have to wear themed attire. It’s urged but not mandatory. Plus, there ARE so many other intriguing points as to why you need to attend THIS Art After Dark:

– OMA’s new Pop art-inspired mosaic sculpture exhibition, Jean Wells: Icons of Desire

– A 16-foot Hershey’s Kiss sculpture you can get married in by an ordained minister.

– Dance music by DJ Dedication

– A garden of fashion made entirely of flowers by artist, Erika San Luis, of Vonrei Designs

– Video art by Stefa Witt

– A romantic “Against the Grain” lounge by Jason Mayer

– Live musical performances by Celeste Barbier, Gigi Coddington, and Matt Sundstedt

– A display of “Rotten Roses” by Alana Rose of SyFy’s hit TV show: FaceOff

– Video montage projections by Stevie Brown & Charles Thi

– A Vintage POP! photo booth

– Renderings of pop culture icons, from John Wayne to Robert Smith, by TEKST artist Jason Markow and artist Steven Van.

– An interactive art station by New Village Arts Foundry

– Thematic décor by Lucky Little Mustardseed

SEE! Doesn’t this event sound like a good time you don’t want to miss?! AND it doesn’t even matter if you love Cupid OR wish to shoot down Mr. Pudgy himself with his own arrows 😉 this is NOT a couples only event. We want everyone to have a blast without the dozen red roses, mystery chocolates, and Hallmark cards. It will be the best, cheapest date night you, yourself, and you will ever have! Admission is only $10 for OMA members or $20 for non-members [COME ON!] and that includes art, entertainment, complimentary appetizers, and 1 drink ticket.

“I love costumes. My dream growing up was always to have my own costume and prop shop.” – Amy Sedaris

So what are you waiting for?! Clear the calendar, text your girlfriends, call a man friend [WHATEVER YOU WANT] and get your cute tukas over to the Oceanside Museum of Art from 7 – 10 p.m. on Valentine’s Day for Vintage POP!