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Lately, I’ve been extremely bored with most stores’ selections in picture frames. I mean when I wish to display one of my photographs, I really want the frame to be as inviting as picture itself. SO, what’s a creative soul like myself to do???

Thread A Frame 1

That’s why I decided to take a West Elm frame and wrap it up with some colorful thread 😉

Thread A Frame 2

I used the picture I was framing to help decide the hues for the project.

Thread A Frame 3

To start, I took some spray glue and lightly covered the frame’s surface. You will want to do this a few inches at a time, so you don’t get all sticky. Rubber gloves are also a good idea!

Thread A Frame 5

Okay, let’s get to threading 🙂 I began in the corner and firmly pressed the string against the glue.

Thread A Frame 4

I then curled the strand around the frame.

Thread A Frame 6

I went about twelve times around before deciding to switch colors.

Thread A Frame 7

You [of course] could go as many times or with as many colors as you like. I chose to stick with just four types.

Thread A Frame 8

Here is the time consuming part :/ trimming all the loose strands.

Thread A Frame 9

Next, take a razor blade [BE CAREFUL] and cut the woven parts down the middle of the inside of the frame.

Thread A Frame 10

Use electrical tape to secure the back; the part that will not visible and covered by the wall.

Thread A Frame 11

The back part should look like this when you’re done.

Thread A Frame 12

At this moment, it’s time for super glue [again, BE CAREFUL – I have glued my fingers more than I care to share]. Spread a little amount along the inside of the frame. This part will eventually be covered with glass.

Thread A Frame 13

Using a putty knive . . . or it you’re like me, an uncovered razor blade 😛 press down the cut pieces to the super glue.

Thread A Frame 14

The inside finishes up pretty nicely with a little patience. Now, all that’s left to do is to reassemble the frame parts and get to hanging.

Thread A Frame 15

“My idea of a good time is creating something and reading a good book.” – Robin Gibb

In the end, I’m pretty ecstatic with the final product – what do you think?