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YAY! September 1st is finally here!!! I have been dying with excitement, trying to patiently wait to share with you my favorite Pink Lady photoshoot-to-date! That’s right’s = another month has gone by and it’s time to reveal to you once again the photos from another fashion decade for the La Valencia Hotel’s Hot Pink at 90 Birthday Countdown. This month, it’s the 1950s and I am just over the moon with how good the hair, makeup and swimsuit translated in these photos. Better than I had ever imagined! Isn’t it wonderful when things work out like that?!


Hair by Rachel Galati Hair / Photo by J. Dixx Photography

For those of you who aren’t quite up to speed on this collaboration with the La Valencia Hotel, I was approached right after the holidays [somewhere in-between the end of 2015 and the beginning of 2016] to be both the stylist/model for the La Valencia Hotel’s 90th Birthday, which is happening this upcoming December. See the hotel that’s also known as “The Pink Lady” first opened its doors in 1926, so their idea was to do a historical 9-month countdown of fashion from present day all the way down to the Roaring 20s. I mean how cool is that?! Of course, I was definitely interested because 1) what woman doesn’t love to play dress up! AND 2) I have always said I was born decades too late 😉 THUS, here were are — almost two-thirds of the way done with this über fun project!


Hair by Rachel Galati Hair / Photo by J. Dixx Photography

For 1950s fashion, I wanted to focus on its iconic swimwear, and as fate would have it, J.Crew came out with multiple styles this summer that fit just that design 😀 and luckily enough even in that iconic pink I’ve been dressing our Pink Lady in all year long!


Hair by Rachel Galati Hair / Photo by J. Dixx Photography

I just ADORE 1950s swimwear design, not only because it was fun to wear, but also because it gave us ladies support in all the areas we need most with its underwire tops and high-waisted bottoms.


Hair by Rachel Galati Hair / Photo by J. Dixx Photography

And then [of course} the ladies of that time period would not have dream of getting those hairdo’s wet, so a vintage swim cap was an absolute must for this photoshoot! Plus, it’s pretty whimsical to wear and makes you feel like you could absolutely do anything in that water . . . even synchronized swimming 😉 LOL!


Hair by Rachel Galati Hair / Photo by J. Dixx Photography

If you haven’t visited the La Valencia Hotel in La Jolla, California yet, nor relaxed by its gorgeous pool, you are definitely missing out! I’m pretty sure I could have worn a black trash bag for this shoot and the pictures would have still come out just as gorgeous, because “The Pink Lady” is timeless in her beauty. I mean look at all those colors. It’s definitely a place to stay that’s after my own colorful heart.


Hair by Rachel Galati Hair / Photo by J. Dixx Photography

So if you’re still planning to sneak one last vacation [or even staycation for that matter] here in America’s Finest City, I highly recommend staying at the La Valencia Hotel = not only because of its Hot Pink At 90 Celebration Experience Package that includes a special, two-night stay with a commemorative Hot Pink at 90 logo’d gift, a bottle of pink sparkling wine [YUM!] and two 90th Birthday Craft Cocktails of the Month. No siree! They also have a brand-new Executive Chef, Alex Emery, who fed me magnificently the other night at The MED Ocean View Restaurant. Seriously, so good! I highly recommend the Quail if they still have it as a special.


Hair by Rachel Galati Hair / Photo by J. Dixx Photography

“The fifties – they seem to have taken place on a sunny afternoon that asked nothing of you except a drifting belief in the moment and its power to satisfy.” — Elizabeth Hardwick


Hair by Rachel Galati Hair / Photo by J. Dixx Photography

So what do you think about The Pink Lady in the 1950s? Personally, I think Team Pink hit this one out of the park. A huge thank you to both Rachel Galati for her insane hairstyling skills and J.Dixx Photography for making my 1950s fashion vision a reality!


Hair by Rachel Galati Hair / Photo by J. Dixx Photography

And keep those calendars marked, folks, for the La Valencia Hotel’s 90th “Roaring 20s” Birthday Party! It’s happening on Thursday, December 15th and this Lucky Little Mustardseed is going to be giving away some tickets to the event. STAY TUNED!!!