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Earlier this month, I announced that I was selected to be both the stylist and the model for the La Valencia Hotel’s Hot Pink 90th Celebration. Thank you for all your kind, congratulatory words the past two weeks. It really does mean a lot. This is a dream-come-true collaboration for Lucky Little Mustardseed and is honestly not something I ever thought would happen for this farm girl formally from Nebraska πŸ™‚ just goes to show you that hard work and classy taste really can pay off!


Photo by J. Dixx Photography

Today, I would like to reveal to you the first of nine looks I created for this historical fashion countdown for The Pink Lady’s 90th birthday in December. The decade on deck = the 2000s, which is a time when everyone’s wardrobe was pretty much anything goes, but what mostly sticks out in my own mind is that iconic nude dress Carrie wore in Sex & The City for her scandalous bus ad. Do you remember the episode? Yeah, you know what dress I’m talking about πŸ˜‰


Photo by J. Dixx Photography

The only problem was I truly wanted “The Pink Lady” to wear mostly hot pink for all of her outfits, which probably seems silly to some, but it was the vision I had for this endeavor. I mean it IS a “hot pink” celebration after all! Luckily enough, though, I was able to find a dress close to the same design AND in the exact color of my desires. I know, right?! [Goodness, I sound like such a California now] How the heck did I get so lucky?! #fivehigh


Photo by J. Dixx Photography

Now, this is definitely not a dress Jenna would typically wear [I mean I felt like I was walking around in lingerie at the photoshoot] HOWEVER, for the character of “The Pink Lady” living sometime within the 2000s, I personally believe it beautifully embodied the “Carrie’s” of that particular decade; a woman who wasn’t afraid of her sexuality nor dropping a few hundred on a great pair of shoes! Lol. She also loves a good cocktail . . . like the cocktail of the month at the La Valencia Hotel = the Dutch Duchess! It’s a reintroduction of Absinth to the American cocktail with U4RIK Tequila, Herbsaint, Peychauds Bitters, and a grapefruit twist, and BOY, does it sound good!


Photo by J. Dixx Photography

“I like my money right where I can see it . . . hanging in my closet.” β€” Sarah Jessica Parker


Photo by J. Dixx Photography

What do you think of the 2000s Pink Lady? I cannot wait to unveil to you the other eight decades – not only because I am having an absolute blast working with this team of incredible women, but also because you haven’t even seen the best outfits yet! Later Gator!