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This RENOVATION is on like Donkey Kong, color loves! I have broken such a sweat over here with my SPRING 2021 JEFFREY COURT RENOVATION CHALLENGE = mostly by going-to-town on what still remained of the half bathroom’s ugly beige wallpaper 💪🏻 scraping and scraping until I couldn’t scrap no more each day. Oy vey! And to think I’ll be re-wallpapering some of these walls again for said challenge . . . what’s that definition of insanity again? Asking for a friend . . . 😆

I’ve also spent many of my time hemming and hawing over how the hell to get this half bath’s subfloor up . . . I had always wondered why the baseboards in this room were so much shorter in height than the rest of our home’s baseboards . . . and you wanna know why that was?? [sigh] Well, you see there was a flipping company who owned our house right before the previous owners had it and, well [cue another sigh] the dang flipping company [I kid you not] legit glued new subfloor and tile over the home’s original subfloor and linoleum 🤦🏻‍♀️ yeah, I certainly WISH I was kidding . . . it also resulted in me having a bunch of renovation b-roll that will never see the light of day, because holy foul mouth, Jenna! LOL. Yeah . . . I got a little heated getting those LIQUID NAILed in place, beat boys up, but persisted and WON in the end.

Next, once that dang SECOND subfloor was up, I quickly discovered that the original subfloor was uneven, so I whipped up a bucket of LEVEL QUICK and got to pouring!

And man, oh, man!! A level floor is such a beautiful thing! HUZZAH!! And then, once that was done, I got to screwing down the HARDIE BACKER to the subfloor . . . which pretty much brings you up-to-speed on everything currently JEFFREY COURT RENOVATION CHALLENGE-related. By next week’s blog post, my goal is to have the pedestal sink’s platform built and installed . . . I’m also planning to [hopefully] lay all that beautiful JEFFREY COURT tile as well before next week . . . which is a HEAVTY goal but I believe I can do it!! Laters!

Half Bath’s Renovation List:


  • Clean ✅
  • Paint


  • Remove remaining wallpaper debris. ✅
  • Sand & repair for new wallpaper & wainscoting.
  • Decide the height of your wainscoting & RedGard the walls up to that height.
  • Install new Jeffrey Court tile as wainscoting & grout.
  • Hang new wallpaper.


  • Caulk around seams.
  • Prime.
  • Paint.


  • Remove remaining tile debris & old subfloor. ✅
  • Replace with new subfloor & Hardie Backer. ✅
  • RedGard the entire new surface.
  • Install new Jeffrey Court tile & grout.

Pedestal Sink

  • Build a platform for your vintage 1928 cast iron pedestal sink.
  • Prep accent wall & new platform with RedGard.
  • Install new Jeffrey Court tile on the accent wall & pedestal sink’s platform.
  • Install said pedestal sink & new sink hardware.


  • Buy & install a new 12″-rough toilet.


Other Design Details:

  • Spray paint original bath fan and floor grate with brass spray paint. ✅
  • Install brass hardware [i.e. – toilet paper holder, towel rack, etc.]
  • Hang artwork.
  • Accessorize for additional quirk!

Jeffrey Court Renovation Challenge is in partnership with Frog Tape & Sinkology