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Tile has been delivered! That’s right, color loves = most of my supplies for the SPRING 2021 JEFFREY COURT RENOVATION CHALLENGE are officially here!!

[please click here if you missed last week’s special announcement]

Which means that your color-loving queen is ready to share my mood board for this half bath I’m renovating into a swanky-yet-whimsical powder room for said challenge.

And by “ready to share,” I basically had to because I don’t have a whole lot else to update you on as of yet . . . other than it’s more than time for me to put on my big girl britches, rip-off that grieving band-aid and get back to renovating this once-on-my-radar bathroom space – starting with replacing its oh-so-beat subfloor . . .


Because no one knows better than me that a room isn’t going to renovate itself – DO THAT DANG WORK, y’all! 😉 And please don’t forget that voting starts today!! 🙏🏻

Half Bath’s Renovation List:


  • Clean
  • Paint


  • Remove remaining wallpaper debris.
  • Sand & repair for new wallpaper & wainscoting.
  • Decide the height of your wainscoting & RedGard the walls up to that height.
  • Install new Jeffrey Court tile as wainscoting & grout.
  • Hang new wallpaper.


  • Caulk around seams.
  • Prime.
  • Paint.


  • Remove remaining tile debris & old subfloor.
  • Replace with new subfloor & Hardie Backer.
  • RedGard the entire new surface.
  • Install new Jeffrey Court tile & grout.

Pedestal Sink

  • Build a platform for your vintage 1928 cast iron pedestal sink.
  • Prep accent wall & new platform with RedGard.
  • Install new Jeffrey Court tile on the accent wall & pedestal sink’s platform.
  • Install said pedestal sink & new sink hardware.


  • Buy & install a new 12″-rough toilet.


Other Design Details:

  • Spray paint original bath fan and floor grate with brass spray paint.
  • Install brass hardware [i.e. – toilet paper holder, towel rack, etc.]
  • Hang artwork.
  • Accessorize for additional quirk!

Jeffrey Court Renovation Challenge is in partnership with Frog Tape & Sinkology