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I have an EXCITING ANNOUNCEMENT, color loves! I don’t know if you remember or not, but a couple months ago on my Instastories, I had mentioned that I got a SURPRISE brand deal [but couldn’t really say WHO at the time] . . . well, MEOW, y’all because I can finally let the cat out of the bag = your technicolor queen has been asked to participate in the SPRING 2021 JEFFREY COURT RENOVATION CHALLENGE!!

Say what??!

Yeppers, how gosh darn exciting is that?! THIS is exactly what I needed right now – something unexpectedly GOOD to happen in such dark times in our world. It’s also going to help me heal somewhat emotionally . . . but more on that in a bit.

Okay, so what is the Jeffrey Court Renovation Challenge?

The Jeffrey Court Renovation Challenge is a six-week long competition where 13 DIY designers will renovate an entire space with Jeffrey Court tile [start-to-finish] each trying to win the competition’s $5000 CASH PRIZE. And each week, us designers will be sharing with you our individual renovations on our blogs and social media channels to hopefully earn your vote as your favorite Jeffrey Court 2021 renovation.

That’s right = I won’t be able to do this without YOU or your vote each week!

So, what space in our fixer upper home will I be renovating? Depending on how long you’ve been around this rainbow-loving party . . . you MAY remember that half bath I started/abruptly stopped renovating back in October of 2019. Well, whether or not you do, here is the video where I spilled the beans [and some tears] >>> click here.

And that is exactly where I left this half bath . . . in the past . . . with my broken heart.

For whatever reason, I associate that half bath with my Grandma Margaret’s death . . . and haven’t been able to bring myself to work on it since . . . that was UNTIL I was approached about the Spring 2021 Jeffrey Court Renovation Challenge. I knew in an instant of being asked that it was a sign to finally reconvene on the half bath. Why? Because crazily enough I was already planning on using Jeffrey Court tile for its wainscoting 🤯 was this a sign? Was this Grandma Margaret trying to tell me something?? Like #finishthatpowderroom, granddaughter!

Whatever THAT was, I graciously said YES and got to tweaking my half bath/soon-to-be powder room’s design, incorporating Jeffrey Court tile throughout this once BLAH space.

Half Bath’s “Before” Photos:

Yeah, as you can see by its “before” photos, this half bath is NOT our style by any means [nor my design aesthetic] so we are going to FIX that 🌈 thanks to this Jeffrey Court Renovation Challenge! And please don’t by any means think that I have a head start on this half bath with its history, because she’s still got a LOOOOOONG ways to go before I even begin to call her a “powder room.”

So far, her toilet and vanity have been donated:

The original floor tile has also been demoed and the pretty part of the wallpaper has been removed, but her ugly subfloor remains and the glue of the wallpaper is still intact.

So yeah . . . as you can see by those pictures [and the renovation list below], I’ve got my work cut out as a DIY designer for this Jeffrey Court Renovation Challenge 😉 until then, please don’t forget to vote [starting next Wednesday] and I’ll see you back here again next week! Let’s do this!!

Half Bath’s Renovation List:


  • Clean
  • Paint


  • Remove remaining wallpaper debris.
  • Sand & repair for new wallpaper & wainscoting.
  • Decide the height of your wainscoting & RedGard the walls up to that height.
  • Install new Jeffrey Court tile as wainscoting & grout.
  • Hang new wallpaper.


  • Caulk around seams.
  • Prime.
  • Paint.


  • Remove remaining tile debris & old subfloor.
  • Replace with new subfloor & Hardie Backer.
  • RedGard the entire new surface.
  • Install new Jeffrey Court tile & grout.

Pedestal Sink

  • Build a platform for your vintage 1928 cast iron pedestal sink.
  • Prep accent wall & new platform with RedGard.
  • Install new Jeffrey Court tile on the accent wall & pedestal sink’s platform.
  • Install said pedestal sink & new sink hardware.


  • Buy & install a new 12″-rough toilet.


Other Design Details:

  • Spray paint original bath fan and floor grate with brass spray paint.
  • Install brass hardware [i.e. – toilet paper holder, towel rack, etc.]
  • Hang artwork.
  • Accessorize for additional quirk!

Jeffrey Court Renovation Challenge is in partnership with Frog Tape & Sinkology