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Since I am an upholstery artist, I am sure you have already come to the conclusion that I love to repurpose things [chairs, couches, you name it] AND if you’ve had a chance to read my article in the latest issue of Darling Magazine, you also know that D.I.Y. is in my D.N.A. [thanks Mom and Dad] either way, this year has pushed me in such creative ways and because of said upholstery work, I have not executed or shared any other #creativeaftermath in 2015 . . . I mean other than my #functionalart 😉 anyway, about a month ago [right after our Vegas trip] I was dealing with this terrible left shoulder/left hand pain. I didn’t mention anything via my Instagram because I believe happiness is a choice, so I tend to focus more on the positive in my life than the negative.

[Do you hear that, Joysuckers? Get out of my way!]

When I was dealing with this lousy pain, I was really struggling with my artwork. THUS, I decided to give myself a couple weeks off and refocused my energies to some much less, physically demanding ideas from that notebook of mine; bringing us to today’s blog post: do you remember those rubber band balls that office supply stores used to carry? You know the ones that are completely made out of rubber bands? I guess they might still carry them. I’m not sure. BUT as an adolescent [for whatever reason] I always wanted one and never, well, got one. Now, fast-forward to all these years later and it’s the inspiration behind this project 🙂 I am going to show you HOW to cover an object with rubber bands to [hopefully] resemble these quirky spheres I once coveted in my youth, all the while creating a unique decor item for your home!

Shoulda Put A [Band] On It-1

To get started is easy = find an object to cover and grab a rubber band of your liking.

Shoulda Put A [Band] On It-2

Stretch that rubber band around the object you are covering. In my case, I chose a bud vase I purchased from CB2 that was showing a little wear and tear.

Shoulda Put A [Band] On It-3

Next, repeat the above step with other rubber bands; strategically placing them around different areas of the object.

Shoulda Put A [Band] On It-4

Then, repeat the above step AGAIN – only this time, start overlapping the rubber bands.

Shoulda Put A [Band] On It-5

I suggest you try to lay each rubber band so it is completely flat with no twists. This simple attention to detail will make for definite easier layering.

Shoulda Put A [Band] On It-6

See once the entire object is covered, you will no longer be able to see the crack in this bud vase’s glaze 🙂

Shoulda Put A [Band] On It-7

Another suggestion is to alternate colors with each layer. It will make for a more interesting piece. At the end of the day, however, you do have your own creative freedom and can use whatever colors you want. Heck, you can even use just one color of rubber band if you like. Artist’s choice!

Shoulda Put A [Band] On It-8

Don’t be afraid to stretch the rubber bands around your object in unique ways. If you change your mind on placement, it’s a pretty painless reversal. They are rubber bands after all!

Shoulda Put A [Band] On It-9

This seriously might be the easiest D.I.Y. ever = you simply keep layering and layering the rubber bands around your object.

Shoulda Put A [Band] On It-10

Until you have look you were going for. Right below is where I stopped.

Shoulda Put A [Band] On It-11

Finally [once you’re happy with the results] it’s display time. In my case, I had to fill up it up with water and picked some beautiful, white roses that would pop against its colorful rubber band backdrop. This now re-resides as a centerpiece on our dining room table. FUN, right?!

Shoulda Put A [Band] On It-

“Mind is everything. Muscle – pieces of rubber. All that I am, I am because of my mind.” – Paavo Nurmi

SO, what do YOU think?! Pretty easy, huh? I would love to see your rubber band creation! Please use #creativeaftermath and I might have to share it on Instagram!