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August is here, y’all, AND since this is the month I plan on launching Episode 1 of my new YouTube channel, I thought there was no time like the 1st to FINALLY give you the official details of what you can expect from this new passion project of mine.

As you already know, two and half years ago, my husband, D and I bought our forever home in Northeast San Diego County = an outdated, brick/ranch-style house with really unique features and multiple design possibilities. My mind has been . . . whatever equates to hog-wild in the design world ever since we entered escrow 😉 I was simply obsessed and [probably could be deemed] unhealthly-in-love with it. I could just see in my mind’s eye its endless potential!


The only problem was, well, the only two problems were construction is really expensive and good contractors are hard to find . . . and after two [count ’em] TWO awful experiences with hiring others to renovate our home, you start to think and believe and KNOW that “I could do this better . . . MYSELF” and that’s how this YouTube channel idea came to be! I am going to renovate our home room by room, project by project myself – with some FUN help from a few of my friends along the way! AAAND I’m going to be sharing it ALL with you weekly right there on YouTube. How exciting is that?! Well, I’m at least excited 😉

Room Bloom is a culmination of my constant need for creativity mixed with my lifelong obsession with colorful interiors.

Plus, when I was a television host at Fox 4 & 17 in Central Nebraska [we had like a $50 budget] so I was also my own camera operator and editor and writer and stylist and, well, let’s just say I felt like I was more than capable of doing this . . . and yes, it’s going to be [and has been] A LOT of work, and although I am still not 100% sure as to when it will officially launch this month [still have some things to wrap up the next few weeks] I like to believe that you will ENJOY seeing me flexing my design muscles on YouTube. And I’m sure you have additional questions as well, but until the first episode, I have one specific question for you:

Are you ready to see a Room Bloom?

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