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THE HOLIDAYS ARE UPON US! Yeppers, Thanksgiving is next week and this is my [not-so-official] OFFICIAL start to my Christmas holiday decor! 🎄🎅🏽🎁

“Not-so-official” because I am still in the middle of revealing the ATOMIC ATRIUM PROJECT to y’all — the retro-inspired D.I.Y. room renovation I’ve been working on for over a year now. Its shag carpet reveal is this week with its official OVERALL reveal [hopefully] next week; just in time to be thankful on Turkey Day! But this is also the OFFICIAL start to my holiday content as when my designer gal-pal Stephanie of CASA WATKINS LIVING asks you to be a part of something = you say YES and figure out the rest later 😉 so even though I haven’t given Christmas too much thought yet, Stephanie’s annual CHRISTMAS TREE STYLE HOP was the perfect kick in the butt I needed to start! And which better ROOM to decorate than the one I’m about ready to reveal to y’all?! Hehe! I know, I know = such a tease!! But you know how I say that I was “born decades too late???” Well, I figured a TINSEL TREE was the only way to go with this 70s-inspired conversation pit and you won’t believe where I found it . . .