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A few weeks ago, my girlfriend, Leslie, and I were talking/laughing about how we ALL pin and pin and pin on Pinterest and never really create any of the D.I.Y.’s we, well, PIN 😉 that discussion thus led to this weekend’s first ever = Pinterest Saturday. Yep, we completed TWO #rightbrain projects from our boards and it felt oh-so-good! Here’s what we made:

Baseball String Bracelet

Pinterest Saturday 1

This D.I.Y. was by the blog, I Can Find The Time, and we are sure glad you DID to create this lovely idea. The only drawback, however, was they took longer than either one of us expected, which [don’t you find] is always the case! BUT since they turned out cute, I believe they were worth the wait. Plus, what avid female baseball fan wouldn’t want one of these babies?! Okay, NEXT!

Funfetti Candles

Pinterest Saturday 2

These yummy-looking flame burners were dreamed up by bethcakes and left my kitchen smelling like Leslie and I actually did some baking. They turned out just as adorable. Although, we did have a tough time keeping those wicks glued down AND the sprinkles staying in place. Our tips are 1.) pour about a half an inch hot wax in the bottom of the jar, use a paint stick to push down the wick, and then let it solidify, AND 2.) let the wax cool a bit before you use it to fill up the jar, making the sprinkles less likely to fall to the bottom. OH! And I would suggest patience over the freezer. Otherwise, this is a great D.I.Y!

“It is amazing what you can accomplish if you do no care who gets the credit.” – Harry S. Truman

I think this is something Leslie and I will keep up on a quarterly basis, SO I created a board specially titled “Pinterest Saturdays” 🙂 that way YOU at home can easily access the D.I.Y.’s we complete! And who knows? Maybe this will eventually become a thing we invite others to . . .