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Anyone who follows me on Instagram knows we have a trio of dogs . . .

Yea, I might be somewhat obsessed with taking their photos – what of it?!

[Ha, ha.]

But what else can I really say? Our four-legged children ARE a big part of our life and their cuteness sometimes overwhelms my heart. So today, since I AM feeling a bit nostalgic and a little guilt-ridden with our weekend away, I thought I would officially introduce each of them to you:

Meet Hazel


Photo by Neka Rae Photography

Hazel is our English Bulldog and is also known as “Fatty” or “Fat Cupcake” around our place. She is the most affectionate dog you will ever meet. All she wants in life is your love. Her ultimate, favorite thing to do is to push her bottom [useless] teeth against your bottom lip and take in all the one-on-one time you will give her. So, in between her irresistible kisses and that wrinkly mug of hers, she is such sweetie and grabs at those heartstrings with a single look from her big M&M eyes.

Meet Killer


Photo by Neka Rae Photography

Killer is our Miniature Pinscher and is the best-behaved dog of the pack. I mean they all [of course] have their flaws. He just has less of them. He’s my little buddy throughout the day and literally follows me into each and every room I go – probably why he stays so thin! When D is away at work, he honestly thinks he’s the man of the house and barks at anyone [and I do mean anyone] who walks by our home. Likewise, he tries to mediate Hazel and Nella through their feminine differences, but I think that’s a losing battle. Anyway, he’s a good boy, and although, I truly never wanted a Min Pin, I cannot imagine our life without him.

Meet Nella


Photo by Neka Rae Photography

Nella is our Miniature Dachshund and is everything true to the breed = FULL OF PERSONALITY! She is vocal, manipulative, and stubborn as hell. A real lady 😉 and I absolutely love her for it! Thank goodness she’s so darn cute, huh? Otherwise, she might be a little too much to handle. Besides all of her other character traits, our über small diva believes three things: she’s the only dog that matters, she’s never truly been fed, and her life calling is “professional lapdog.” All you, Doxie lovers, know what I am talking about!

“Dogs are not our whole life, but they make our lives whole.“ – Roger Caras

So, as you can read, we definitely have our hands full. However, they are the perfect canines for us.

Our three.

Now, if you excuse me, I have some dogs to love on.