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After months of renovating this space for my YouTube channel, it is finally time to reveal the “after” pictures of this MASTER BEDROOM renovation project. For those of you new to the blog, THIS is what the original “fifty shades of tan” room looked like. It was the epitome of BLAH CITY with its neutral walls and nasty shag carpeting.






But thankfully with creative gusto, my enthusiastic eye for color and some FUN help from a few of my friends along the way, I was able to take this abysmal NEUTRAL space from blah to tada! You can see its entire tranformation step-by-step yourself by visiting/subscribing to my YouTube channel, ROOM BLOOM, by clicking here.





“I found I could say things with color and shapes that I couldn’t say any other way – things I had no words for.” — Georgia O’Keeffe


Thank you so much for checking out the MASTER BEDROOM’s reveal ❤️ I hope you’ve enjoyed its “transformation” as much as I did renovating it! AND there’s A LOT more where that came from 😉 so please don’t hesitate subscribing to my YouTube channel so you never miss out on a single episode of my rainbow-tastic designs!

Photos by 656 Photography

Buyer’s Guide:

Custom Headboard & Footboard / Velvet Fabrics / “His & Hers” Wall Sconces / Hand-Shaped Chair in Light Blue Custom Framed Mirror

Reupholstered Retro Chaise / Retro Chaise Fabric / Green Tanker Bookshelf / Television

Removable Wallpaper / Reupholstered Arm Chair / Arm Chair Fabric / Vintage Dresser / Master Bedroom Paint