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Today is a pretty thrilling day here on LLM because it’s my first-ever room reveal! AND what better room to start out with than the master bedroom?! This space has been about a year and a half in the making, and although I am a firm believer that a room is never REALLY done, I thought it was time to share. So, here you go:

Our Master Bedroom & A Giveaway 1

As you can tell from the first picture, we are NOT afraid of color in this household 😉 in fact, the more, the merrier!

Our Master Bedroom & A Giveaway 2

#meandD both love art and are immense Andy Warhol fans. This particular work of his, Love, c.1983 51/100, has been a favorite of mine for a long time, so I hunted down the largest giclée I could find. Goal accomplished!

Our Master Bedroom & A Giveaway 3

Nella seems to be adjusting quite nicely to the new cushion covers I created last week 🙂

Our Master Bedroom & A Giveaway 4

I knew this room was becoming complete once I could stand from any corner and be visually stimulated.

Our Master Bedroom & A Giveaway 5

Anytime I am enhancing an interior, I always try and incorporate both color and texture to keep things interesting.

Our Master Bedroom & A Giveaway 6

The colors for our entire home honestly begin and end with this bedspread. I know that’s a bit crazy, BUT it is the truth! We purchased it the summer after I moved in with D and was the springboard for our abode’s palette. What else can I say? It delightfully enticed me.

Our Master Bedroom & A Giveaway 7

Every little detail in here splashes in a different hue.

Our Master Bedroom & A Giveaway 8

This is what I call “Accessory Central” = my jewelry stand, favorite fragrances, D’s cufflinks box – just a nice drop-all area.

Our Master Bedroom & A Giveaway 9

Hazel wasn’t very elated about all the picture taking 🙁 during the day, she truly believes our bedroom is her bedroom. You, silly [adorable] dog!

Our Master Bedroom & A Giveaway 10

Since D is a former Merchant Marine and we both love the ocean, I’ve attempted to add a little bit of nautical throughout every space . . . EVEN via a doorstop.

Our Master Bedroom & A Giveaway 11

I also have a decorating peeve about anything that is too matchy-matchy, ESPECIALLY in furniture. The more eclectic, the better!

Our Master Bedroom & A Giveaway 12

Killer: attempting to figure out what I’m doing with this camera while also managing to own the lense. Handsome devil.

Our Master Bedroom & A Giveaway 13

I don’t know if you’ve noticed, BUT we have no family, friends, or dog pictures in this space. I feel very strongly that a room that is shared by a couple should be solely based around said couple. This is our room and no one else’s.

Our Master Bedroom & A Giveaway 14

Okay, the part you’ve ALL been waiting for [drumroll, please!] I have an extra one of these beautifully welded jewelry display pyramids to give one lucky LLM reader this Friday, July 4th. Yes, that’s right! The Etsy shop, RagNBoneVintage, has generously given me a second one for YOU. Here’s HOW to enter the drawing in three easy steps: “follow” LLM on Instagram, “favorite” Rag N’ Bone Studio on Etsy, and [last but it’s oh-so NOT least] leave a comment directly below, telling me your favorite aspect of our master bedroom. When doing so, please make sure to provide a correct email address, as that’s the ONLY way I will be able to reach you about your winnings!

Our Master Bedroom & A Giveaway 15

Sure, our master bedroom isn’t exactly how we want it. I mean I would love absolutely no carpet, dark wood floors, painted ceilings, and hanging nightstand lights, BUT when you’re renting, you can’t do everything you really want. However, in the meantime, it IS the perfect place to relax at the end of a long day and to share time with the man I love.

Our Master Bedroom & A Giveaway 16

“I made my parent’s crazy. As a kid, I redecorated my bedroom every month. I would literally save my allowance and go buy things.” – Nate Berkus

SO, I hope you enjoyed seeing our master bedroom as much as I relished in creating it! And again, you could win the beautiful jewelry stand by following LLM on Instagram, favorite-ing Rag N’ Bone Studio on Etsy, and leaving your comment about my interior design below. I will be randomly drawing one name this Friday, July 4th. You have until then. GOOD LUCK!