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This friendship I’m about to tell you about is a true testament to Facebook.


Well, how else could you explain being good friends with a person you’ve only spent a grand total of 9 hours with!

See, two years ago, while tailgating at my first-ever Kansas City Chiefs home opener, me and D met Stuart = our soon-to-be friend from the Great White North . . . or as I like to call him D’s Canadian brother from another mother 😉

Our Maple Leaf

Now, I can’t truly reveal his face to you at the moment as the INS is currently searching for him. [I kid! I kid!] No, but this is honestly the only shot I have of him from his San Diego visit this past weekend, because [for the life of me] I could NOT figure out how to capture this amazing sunset while having him in the photograph. Oh, well. You win some. You lose some. Anyway, this visit of his actually marked the third time ever of us hanging out! How crazy is that? Two years in a row at Arrowhead Stadium plus this past weekend equals a grand total of three! Three times?!?!?!? And the even weirder part about it all IS it seems like we’ve all been friends for years! There are never those awkward silences or anything – just great conversation and lots of laughter!

“Make fun of the Great White North all you want, but Canada is the greatest country in the world.” – Robin Scherbatsky, How I Met Your Mother

And that, folks, is an insanely beautiful part of this crazy thing we call life: sometimes really good people magically show up and become part of your puzzle. First, it was D for me and then it was Stuart for us. Thanks again, man, for coming to visit us this past weekend. We had such a phenomenal time. Now if only football season would hurry on up and get back here!