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When I opened my email last Saturday, I could hardly believe my eyes = our elopement pictures were already ready?!

Say WHAT???

Originally when we hired Max & Friends to shoot our surprise nuptials, the contract stated it would be a good 3-6 months before we had any photographs in hand . . . so I had sort of mentally prepared myself to see nothing until the end of summer. Needless to say, I am BEYOND elated to be sharing them here with you, ESPECIALLY since today marks two months of blissful marriage bliss. Now before you go get inundated with these grossly-happy moments in time πŸ™‚ I would like to first address the “why did we decide to elope?” question.

There’s a couple reasons.

First off, me and D have both been married before. AND when it’s your second time around, you realize there are far more important things than a big, ole party. Like each other. That is NOT to say, however, that I think poorly of anyone who DOES decide to to have glorious-shindig of wedding. [More power to you!] I’ve just been there, done that, and didn’t really see the point of doing it THAT WAY again – what I ultimately wanted was to be D’s wife. I didn’t need a beautiful reception, gifts, etc. to make that happen. Plus, why would we spend tons of money like that when buying a house together is our current financial priority? It was also very important for us to have no stress involved.

THUS, that’s why we carried out our union like we did: us, our witnesses, and the San Diego Admin Building.

On the other hand, I AM thankful we decided to splurge on our professional photographers, because, well, you know me! I LOVE me some photographs. Not to mention, I would be remiss if I didn’t acknowledge how insanely of a perfect job Luke and Kat did. Seriously KUDOS, you two! I was a little bummed when I first found out that Max Wagner was already booked that day, but as it turns out, all of his “friends” are equally as talented. Me and D were completely overwhelmed by how many beautiful shots you captured and I had the darnedest time narrowing them down for this blog post. I know 35 pictures is still a lot, y’all, BUT can you honestly blame me? I mean LOOK at them!

Our Elopement Pictures: 1

The above and below images you see here are what Max & Friends are known for and WHY I wanted them so badly.

Our Elopement Pictures: 2

D = always making me laugh.

Our Elopement Pictures: 3

Just a couple of drunk-in-love kids adults.

Our Elopement Pictures: 4

For those not familiar with the San Diego Admin Building, it’s a government building right across the street from the San Diego Harbor, which means OCEAN!

Our Elopement Pictures: 5

So, we OBVIOUSLY could not let a date beside the Pacific pass us by . . .

Our Elopement Pictures: 6

Yeah, we’re not happy AT ALL πŸ˜‰

Our Elopement Pictures: 7

All of this color. One photo. Extremely pleased.

Our Elopement Pictures: 8

Us and our big schnozes.

Our Elopement Pictures: 9

My gorgeous, vintage-brooch bouquet by Lionsgate Designs.

Our Elopement Pictures: 10

Luckiest gal in the world!

Our Elopement Pictures: 11

Those rings though.

Our Elopement Pictures: 12

My absolute favorite of them all and such a perfect example of the sort of work our photographers do.

Our Elopement Pictures: 13

Making our “social media” announcement πŸ™‚

Our Elopement Pictures: 14

The San Diego Admin Building and all of its art deco brilliance.

Our Elopement Pictures: 15

I may or may not have ordered this next pic for my office . . .

Our Elopement Pictures: 16

A little pre-ceremony lip-lock πŸ˜‰

Our Elopement Pictures: 17

My Kate Spade New York addiction continues . . . of course she had to be my something blue!

Our Elopement Pictures: 18

Getting hitched on a Tuesday = SURPRISE!

Our Elopement Pictures: 19

“Going to the chapel and we’re going to get married.”

Our Elopement Pictures: 20


Our Elopement Pictures: 21

D getting lippy; thankfully I had this bouquet to keep him in line πŸ˜‰

Our Elopement Pictures: 22

Just kidding!

Our Elopement Pictures: 23


Our Elopement Pictures: 24


Our Elopement Pictures: 25

That man. The look. My heart.

Our Elopement Pictures: 26

All grown up and I still get a red nose anytime I cry! Dang it.

Our Elopement Pictures: 27

Dreams coming true.

Our Elopement Pictures: 28

#instanthappy OVERLOAD!

Our Elopement Pictures: 29

All smiles.

Our Elopement Pictures: 30

With a side of emotional tears . . .


Our dear friends [Matt & Leslie] were our witnesses; cannot thank you two enough! Adore you both.

Our Elopement Pictures: 32

Our song is Vance Joy’s Mess Is Mine, so I commissioned this custom banner by Sharp Tooth Studio for the ceremony.

Our Elopement Pictures: 33

THEE. Best. Day. Ever.

Our Elopement Pictures: 34

“Don’t marry the person you think you can live with; marry only the individual you think you can’t live without.” – James Dobson

Our Elopement Pictures: 35

I wouldn’t change a thing: not the way we met, our journey here, or the way we said “I do!” I hope you enjoyed the pictures as much as we do. They will be forever cherished.