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Welcome back, color lovers and fellow ORC participants to my design+style blog 🌈 my name is Jenna Pilant [puh-lawnt] and today might just in fact be the most exciting blog post/design reveal of my colorful career thus far πŸ₯³ BUT before I go revealing those first pops of the rainbow in our FORMAL LIVING ROOM space, I first want to share with you my design board for this Spring 2020 ONE ROOM CHALLENGE as I didn’t share it last week out of fear it might ruin Week 2’s BIG SURPRISE =


What do y’all think?! I honestly had to search for each one of these images for my design board, because I mostly design in my mind’s eye and via my gut? THUS please don’t take any of these too literally as some of them are spot on while others . . . well, they are more of a “concept”? I hope that makes sense. Either way, I am elated to share with you the progress that has been made on our FORMAL LIVING ROOM space, which included an ART INSTALLATION install over this fireplace last Tuesday!


Now let’s get frank here = I would NEVER in a million years EVER pick out this sort of beige marble for our home πŸ˜‘ but with that being said, we are also not open to replacing it, because 1) it’s in perfectly good condition and 2) it would be expense AF to replace πŸ’° thus I had a “need to get creative” design dilemma on my hands . . . and you won’t believe where I found the answer to my color-loving problem 🀳 find out for yourself by watching this latest episode of ROOM BLOOM on YouTube! ⬇️

And if you like Episode 31, it would mean the world to me if you would subscribe to my YouTube channel = ROOM BLOOM; especially now that my small business is practically ☠️ THANKS CORONA!!!!! πŸ€¦πŸ»β€β™€οΈ Oh, AND please join me back here on the blog next week as I show you how I created a one-of-a-kind coffee table for my ONE ROOM CHALLENGE space πŸ•ΊπŸ» there’s a BIG HINT to what “it is” on my design board 😜 I’d love for you color lovers to guess in the comments below! STAY TUNED!!

Jenna Pilant’s ORC Spring 2020 To-Do List:

  • Remove and donate old ceiling fan to Habitat for Humanity. βœ…
  • Paint the ceiling and walls a bright, inviting white. βœ…
  • Disassemble old security alarm sensor above master bedroom door. βœ…
  • Prime/paint interior wood windows. βœ…
  • Install new window shades. βœ…
  • Clean & repaint the inside of the fireplace’s firebox. βœ…
  • Prime/paint the top wood portion of the fireplace structure. βœ…
  • Install the fireplace’s art installation. βœ…
  • Tear down and reupholster the 1970s circular sofa.
  • Create a one-of-a-kind coffee table.
  • Remove wallpaper and demo countertop in built-in bar area.
  • Install new bar countertop.
  • Prime/paint the built-in bar’s wood.
  • Tile the built-in bar’s backsplash and sidewalls.
  • Create or source additional artwork for living room’s walls + additional decor items.
  • Install new ceiling fan.
  • Photograph the entire completed space.


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