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BAD NEWS BEARS. We are officially halfway through the Spring 2019 ONE ROOM CHALLENGE and this interior creative is honestly a little strung out 😅 if you follow me on Instagram, you will have noticed that I’ve been a little M.I.A. this week on the GRAM and its STORIES and all. The reason being IS most of the inside of our house is currently covered in plastic. Why?? Do you remember all those rains San Diego had this year? Well, as it turns out that “new roof” we had put on our house a couple years ago was not so new . . . as the roofer had decided [unbeknownst to us] that he was going to reuse all the vents on the north-side of the house . . . AND since San Diego hasn’t really had rain in a long time, we had no idea there were any issues [a.k.a. leaks] so when I got home from visiting my family in Nebraska this January, I came home to a husband who didn’t want to break the bad news to his wife, but of course, I quickly noticed the stains on the ceiling, ESPECIALLY the ones in the FAMILY ROOM that I had just bloody finished renovating for my YouTube channel. Needless to say, I was heartbroken, annoyed and, well, angry. Luckily enough, however, since the roofer was recommended by the solar company we used, the solar company went after the roofer for the repairs; thus a crew has been here all week in our home, repairing all the water-damaged drywall. These are our current living conditions.





And I have to say with all that plastic hung-up everywhere, doesn’t our house sort of remind you of an episode of Dexter? I mean minus the murder scene with the dead body and all 😆 LOL! With said repairs happening in our house this week, I have sadly not made much additional headway on my ONE ROOM CHALLENGE entryway space as I have constantly felt torn about what to work on NEXT while also trying to comfort our four dogs, whom do not understand WHY they need to be penned up so much this week 💔 the next logically step on my ONE ROOM CHALLENGE to-do list was to ETCH its brick floor and then SEAL it with a wet look. But I quickly decided against that when I realized the extent of the water damage in the ceiling and how the crew would be walking over the ENTRYWAY’s brick floor the entire time. Thus last Friday, I decided instead to apply another coat of that ULTRA PURE WHITE Behr paint to its walls and focus on other design elements within the space, which included commissioning a custom piece of art by lettering artist extraordinaire, Brian Kaspr [see example pic below] AND deciding to use this Sazerac Stitches Chandelier in the ENTRYWAY instead of our dining room space as well [also pictured below] ultimately leaving me feeling like I’ve accomplished something rather than nothing at all 🙌🏻 which is always a better way to leave things than not, right?!



But even with the small progress I’ve made this past week, I know it’s going to be a CrAzY second half of the ONE ROOM CHALLENGE as I have to do my very best right now in order to pass that May 9th finish line 🛋 so after this drywall crew gets out of our house, I’ve just gotta stay focused and make smart decisions the next few weeks. NO TIME BUT THE PRESENT. The good news is, however, while I have been working on this blog post today, I actually got an email confirmation from ROOM & BOARD stating that the furniture item I ordered for the ENTRYWAY space is being delivered on Friday, which is WEEKS earlier than they originally stated, so that’s GREAT news indeed!! I’ll definitely take what I can get at this point 😉 now, I’ve just gotta get that brick floor ETCHED and SEALED this weekend and then focus on the other remaining “paint” areas [e.i. baseboards, windows and doors] I also need to still figure out where everything is going to hang on the walls and what little details I have yet to figure out [it seriously feels like I’m forgetting something MAJOR, y’all] I just know myself well enough to know that my current stress will only subdue as I finish more things on my ONE ROOM CHALLENGE to-do list, so Jenna = you better get to work!!


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