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I honestly cannot believe there’s only one more week for me to work on my ONE ROOM CHALLENGE space 😱 it’s just CrAzY how fast this entire process has gone but I am BEYOND elated about all that PROGRESS I’ve made in one room though = that I’ve somehow managed to accomplish in only five weeks time!


That’s not to say there isn’t PLENTY left to work on in this ENTRYWAY space before the ONE ROOM CHALLENGE wraps next week . . . I STILL have lots left to paint, y’all! And yes, feel free to take a double-take here 😱 process-wise [as of right now] I have only PRIMED the ENTRYWAY’s doors, windows + baseboards.


But fear not = as of today, I’ve started painting both the windows and baseboards with that ULTRA PURE WHITE Behr paint I adore 😍 I’ve also selected these Crayola shades as the colors for the ENTRYWAY doors, which will [of course] help bring my RAINBOW-tastic desires for this welcoming space full-circle!


I’ve also been ordering round rugs like they are going extinct πŸ˜† you see I just could not decide online which round rug would be the perfect round rug for the ENTRYWAY space, so I ordered four different round rugs . . . like an interior designer drunk with a credit card πŸ˜† will definitely be returning three of them!


Besides the plethora of round rugs arriving on my doorstep, the other EXCITING package to be delivered for ONE ROOM CHALLENGE this week was this commissioned “LAST NAME” art piece by my latest CREATIVE Instagram crush = B.KASPR 😍 as you know via my FAMILY ROOM renovation project last year, I LOVE to commission artists to create one-of-a-kind, COLORFUL pieces for our home and B.KASPR definitely delivered on this one! I challenged him to take his artistry to new levels with my RAINBOW request [which I was told at one point was really messing with him, but he obviously worked out all of those artistic kinks] because this LETTERING creation has blown my COLOR-LOVING mind! I simply cannot wait to hang this BABY on the wall for all of our guests to read!


Now I’ve just got to get back to WORK = painting everything that’s left to paint; and then I’ve got to stage the entire ENTRYWAY space as well, with all it’s furniture, artwork + whichever of the four rugs I end up deciding on . . . like I said above, there’s still A LOT TO DO before next week 😬 WISH ME LUCK!!


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