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Well, today was a pretty exciting day for my ONE ROOM CHALLENGE . . . as when I woke up this morning, I was about 99.99% sure that I was going to have NOTHING new to report about 😬 for those of you new to Lucky Little Mustardseed and myself, here’s what has been going on with my ONE ROOM CHALLENGE thus far = my Grandma Margaret sadly passed away very suddenly between Week 1 and Week 2, I flew in and out of Texas this past weekend for her funeral and am needless-to-say very heartbroken about her no longer being here πŸ’” especially since she was like a mother to my brother and me. I also naively thought I would get back from Dalby Springs on Sunday night and by Monday morning would be fine. Jeepers, was I wrong or what?! I’ve NEVER experienced grief quite like this. I keep having these strange outbursts of tears?? Which I’m guessing is more than normal, but dang, it’s NO fun. I’m emotionally exhausted and still have so many decisions to make regarding my ONE ROOM CHALLENGE space. Thus, imagine my surprise today when I actually found myself smiling?! Yep, that’s right = heartbroken Jenna was smiling ear-to-ear today, because the cast-iron 1928 pedestal sink [she purchased on Etsy over a month ago] FINALLY arrived here in San Diego πŸ₯³ perfectly-refinished in Kohler’s Timberline Green with not one scratch on her! I honestly started to think I had been scammed by this Etsy shop as the owner wouldn’t even provide me with the transit’s tracking number πŸ€¦πŸ»β€β™€οΈ but thankfully after calling almost every trucking company in north San Diego county, I was able to locate her shipping information . . . and now she’s here! SHE’S ACTUALLY-FINALLY HERE! Which also means I can FINALLY start making the remaining design decisions for our half bath’s makeover!!!!!



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