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My Fall 2019 ONE ROOM CHALLENGE is off to abysmal start . . . last week while I was en-route to Los Angeles to pick up the floor tile for my ORC space, I learned that my Grandma Margaret had suddenly fallen ill . . . and by the time I reached my final destination that very afternoon, she was gone 💔 I know that losing a grandparent is never easy for anyone, but damn you guys, she was like a parent to my brother and me and we are absolutely devastated 💔 last week when I hit PUBLISH on my “Week 1” blog post, I was stressing over the fact that the 1928 pedestal sink [I had purchased on Etsy] had not arrived yet. Talk about perspective?! Yep, never thought in a million years I’d be packing a suitcase for an unexpected funeral on Week 2, but here I am, tear-stained cheeks, still no pedestal sink and all! I know what you’re probably already thinking = I should just bow-out of this round of the ONE ROOM CHALLENGE [and you’re most likely correct] but for now, I am going to try and take my grief one day at a time and right now, that grief wants lots of TO-DO’s and STAT! But since the pedestal sink still isn’t getting here until next week [OY VEY!] I’m currently at a STAND STILL. I mean sure I could have probably finished the ROUGH WORK this week but since I still have many design decisions left to finalize and I can’t really do a whole lot about THAT without knowing the sink’s specific color [that’s right, y’all, she ain’t your basic white either] I thought it might be better to hold off on finishing the rough work as well. Plus, then I don’t have to get my nails redone before the funeral 😉 yep, working smarter, not harder these days!


If you caught my Instastories last week [before that devastating phone call] you already know which of the above tile I have picked out for the ONE ROOM CHALLENGE, but for those of YOU whom didn’t catch the video about it, feel free to guess in the comments below WHICH tile I ended-up selecting for our future powder room’s new colorful floor [there’s your first hint, y’all = color! hehe] because other than a guessing game, as of right now, all I pretty much have for y’all is a TO-DO list and she’s a little overwhelming at moment so I’m not going to share 😬 let’s hope that after I get back from Texas that the Etsy guy is telling me the truth and that my pedestal sink will actually arrive on Tuesday [fingers crossed] because then I can FINALLY make some decisions around here and get y’all a DESIGN BOARD!


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