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HaPpY October!!! It’s officially the first week of Halloween’s month, COLOR LOVERS, which means for some home renovators like myself, it’s time to kick-off the Fall edition of the ONE ROOM CHALLENGE!! That’s right = for second time in one year, I am voluntarily submitting myself to this six [short] weeks of home renovation glory/hell ðŸĪŠ all in an attempt to change our “fifty shades of tan” house into the rainbow-tastic home of my technicolor daydreams! When I first popped my ONE ROOM CHALLENGE 🍒 this past April, I had no idea IF I would want to participate in it again . . . let alone so soon . . . but I guess you can say this home renovating bug has bit me and bit me hard in our house [especially with my YouTube channel] I mean sure I’ve been helping others [my clients] breathe new color into their own spaces for seven years now. It’s just feels different when it’s your own home . . . AND when you’re on such a tight time table, you know?! Well, even if you don’t know, I hope you’ll still join me on this renovation journey 😉 I’m going to keep today’s initial blog post pretty simple and straight to the point as I honestly don’t have too much planned out design-wise, which is a little CRAY-CRAY, but more on that later . . . in the meantime, how about I reveal WHICH of our BLAH CITY rooms I’ll be renovating for the ONE ROOM CHALLENGE?! If there one room in our house that was the MOST unlike us, the half bathroom would definitely be it! Neutrals on top of neutrals . . .








And yes [I know] the more fancier term for this type of space is [in fact] a POWDER ROOM, but as of right now, y’all = she ain’t fancy enough to be called a POWDER ROOM. Nope! Maybe after the ONE ROOM CHALLENGE, sure!! But until I am able to work some of my renovation magic and infuse this space with those rainbow-tastic colors I know and LOVE, she’s just a plain ole half bath 😆 one of our dogs, Cash, also seems to agree! THAT or he’s like, “Oh no, here she goes again!” Hehe.


“Our” hope with the ONE ROOM CHALLENGE is that YOU will visit each participant’s website EACH WEEK as “we” share the good, the bad, and the unexpected of real life home renovation . . . like next week, when I reveal WHY I have so little planned design-wise for our HALF BATH. Please bring wine because it’s a doozy, y’all!!

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