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When transforming your house into a home, there is no easier, more frugal way than shopping at your local GOODWILL store 🛋 thus today [in direct correlation to the IGTV video I just dropped as well] I thought it would be fun to share with you some of my GOODWILL shopping tips 😉 starting with . . .

1. Visit regularly and know the SALE days. The inventory at GOODWILL locations is constantly evolving, so if you don’t want to miss out on some SWEET finds, the more often you go, the better! GOODWILL of San Diego County also has a wonderful VIP Shopper Program. You can sign up for that by clicking here.


2. Shop on Monday’s & Tuesdays . . . since most yard sales happen on the weekends, I tend to have the most luck on earlier half of the week. PLUS, most people usually clean out their closets and storage areas over the weekends as well. Oh, and hitting up a store after a holiday weekend is a GREAT idea too!


3. Know what you’re looking for. I always keep a running list of possibly items for either my design clients or that our own household might need. I keep said list in the NOTES on my iPhone; that way it’s super accessible while I’m out and about on my thrifting excursions!


4. Think outside the box and remember that paint can fix (almost) anything. Just because an item is used for “X” doesn’t been it couldn’t be converted to serving as “Y” . . . and I meant what I said about paint = it can almost make any thrifted item look like new again! ESPECIALLY if it’s wood or metal.


5. Don’t hesitate on anything. If you see something you like, snatch it up already! Take that furniture tag and run, y’all!! Hehe. Then as you shop, you can mull over whether or not you ACTUALLY want to purchase said item. It’s WAAAY better than walking back to only find that it has been taken by someone else 💔


6. Make sure the price is right! Thanks to all of our smart device technologies these days, you can usually figure out what IS a good price on something just by checking good ole GOOGLE, eBay or Amazon. If you can find it cheaper anywhere else [don’t forget to factor in shipping costs though] simply DON’T BUY IT.


8. Stop at store locations in higher-end neighborhoods and/or multiple locations. This one tip alone will transform you into a THRIFTING NINJA 🐲 HI-YA!!!!!


9. Look for quality and pass on items you could make yourself. I got really excited when I first saw that mini RAINBOW-TASTIC chest [below] BUT then I realized it was something purchased from one of those hobby chain stores = so . . . NO THANK YOU!


10. Only buy items you are truly excited about. If you only walk away with one of these GOODWILL shopping tips today, please let this be the one you remember!! I mean it with every fiber of my CREATIVE being. Unless an item makes your heart skip a beat, PASS ON IT! Plain and simple.


I truly hope that these ten GOODWILL shopping tips [and my GOODWILL haul video on IGTV] will help you feel more inspired to shop more THRIFTY while making your house into a home!! For more interior design inspiration, please don’t forget to checkout/subscribe to my YouTube channel called ROOM BLOOM!

Photos by 656 Photography