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First off, HAPPY HALLOWEEN, color lovers!! And secondly = I know, I know! Two blog posts in one week?! What’s the reason for such a treat??! Well, as you may already know, this has been an absolute abysmal month with Grandma Margaret’s sudden passing and all 💔 I’ve been trying to stay on top of things [like my ONE ROOM CHALLENGE space] but this whole grieving process has left me feeling like I don’t know myself nor my own emotions; very strange indeed but I’m riding that emotional rollercoaster that I now know is called grief! So yeah, LOTS of plans have fallen through the past few weeks . . . which I know is MORE than okay . . . but it almost made me NOT celebrate one of my FAVORITE HOLIDAYS. Okay, maybe not so much MADE me not, but it seriously almost slipped my brain 😳 which was mind blowing in itself. Luckily however, I already had a costume idea and had already pre-ordered at least the dogs costumes [WHEW!] so all I had to do was get in gear with my part of the costume and for that, I hired my VERY talented friends = Miriam Baza of BAZA COUTURE to create my costume, Laura Neuzeth from YouTube for my makeup and then [of course] photographer extraordinaire, Louie Gonzalez of 656 Photography! And together, y’all = we made MAGIC  👏🏻 without further adieu, I give you my creative Halloween costume for 2019 . . .  Daenerys Targaryen — the MOTHER OF DRAGONS herself . . . except it’s the dog-loving/four-eyes version! 😉







“I am no ordinary woman. My dreams come true.” — Daenerys Targaryen


Or should is say “Mother of Doggans”?! 😆 I hope you’ve enjoyed this creative Halloween costume idea 🙏🏻 my sincerest apologies that I did not provide y’all with multiple Halloween costume ideas like other years . . . life is in the way at the moment and I’m doing the my best to stay true to me while also keeping up with my creative, COLORFUL work! Thank you so much for understanding 😘 I’m just going to save the rest of the my ideas for next year!! HAVE A SAFE + FUN NIGHT!!!

Photos by 656 Photography