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As I stated yesterday [lately] I’ve been experiencing these abrupt amounts of energy AND have been über productive, because, well, I’m using this sudden get-up-and-go for good and not evil. So much so [in fact] I actually managed to solve a problem right off my to-do list!

MacGyvered Bedskirt 1

This is a bedskirt . . . from the bedding set #meandD purchased over two years ago for our master bedroom. On Saturday, I decided it was about time for me to figure out a way to actually use it. Why hasn’t this been on our bed until now? Well, you see we have this thing called a Sleep Number = this incredible Zeus of a mattress that is the most comfortable cushion I’ve ever had the pleasure to sleep on! And because of its said awesomeness, our bed isn’t the typical mattress with box springs. It’s ALSO this mechanical wizard of a recliner; meaning one cannot simply use a bedskirt the typical way, because of all it’s mechanics and such. [Like my technical terms? Lol.] HOWEVER, thankfully with this brain of an upholsterer, I could MacGyver myself right around it.

MacGyvered Bedskirt 2

From the beginning, I determined that Velcro would be “my knight in shining armor,” so I cut two inches off the bedskirt’s boxing for a sewing area.

MacGyvered Bedskirt 3

Next, I folded over the 2 inches I left to the seam where the bedskirt and boxing fastened together. I then sewed the soft half of the Velcro to it – making sure to attach said Velcro from all sides.

MacGyvered Bedskirt 4

At that time, I secured the rough side of the Velcro to its soft side and pre-laid out wear the Velcro would attach to the edge of the box spring. After that, I removed the plastic and firmly patted down the sticky part of the Velcro.

MacGyvered Bedskirt 5

Lastly, I got out my faithful Jiffy Steamer and vapored out any wrinkles left on the bedskirt. Please don’t mind the “Hazel” hair on my thumb 😉 #itsadogslife

MacGyvered Bedskirt 6

And VOILA! I never have to look at that ugly box spring ever again 😀 HUZZAH!

“I have a lot of nervous energy. Work is my best way of channeling that into something productive unless I want to wind up assaulting the postman or gardener.” – Ben Stiller

I just wished I had attempted this project a little sooner [say two years ago] because it honestly took no time whatsoever 🙁 it’s so frustrating how we can build up a task into something much larger than it actually is! Have YOU ever found that to be true?