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I don’t know about you, BUT when it comes to tissue boxes, I live in a “Catch 22” society. In the first place, Kleenex tries to design interior-matching exteriors for their nostril-saving hankies. However, none of them EVER really go with our home’s decor. Whereas, “home good” stores carry covers for these facial papers, only they ALL look too pretentious for my taste. SO, what’s a creative gal like me to do? Well, for years, nothing. I just bought my Kleenexes like every one else UNTIL . . . I found these cardboard [dying to be embellished] tissue box covers at Michaels. I mean my right brain almost had an aneurysm! AND, yes, I know I am a bit weird 🙂 I think about the smallest details in our home – like tissue box covers! [LOL.] That’s #justjenna! Anyway, I didn’t really know how or with what I was going to ornate them with, BUT I went ahead and bought as many as they had in the store that day. And, honestly, they were VERY inexpensive. As a result, today I’m going to show you how to take a sheet of magically-patterned paper from Paper Source and adorn one of these babies!

Kleenex Box Covers 1

For starters, make a template using a piece of cardstock.

Kleenex Box Covers 2

Next, trace the outline four times on the wrapping paper and cut them out.

Kleenex Box Covers 3

Then, using one of my ultimately favorite products = Liquitex Gloss Medium & Varnish, apply a thin amount with a brush and place one cutout on each side of the box.

Kleenex Box Covers 4

When all of the sides are in place, snip each top into smaller triangles. Flip the box over, spread some additional medium in the inside, and bend the triangles around the mouth of the box. This will keep the paper in place.

Kleenex Box Covers 5

Do the same as well for the bottom.

Kleenex Box Covers 6

Once all the paper is secure, you will want to put three more coats of the varnish on the paper. Please allow ample drying time between each layer. This step will help protect the cover itself and will add time to its life. It also helps waterproof it. Although, I do NOT recommend putting it in water 😉

Kleenex Box Covers 7

Okay, so you are all finished! Now you have a cute Kleenex box cover for your home! Yep, it was that easy! So simple, in fact, I think I might have gotten a little carried away.

Kleenex Box Covers 8

“Men should be like Kleenex, soft, strong, and disposable.”

– Cher

If you decide to beautify one of these tissue boxes, please share it on Instagram, tag me, and use the #creativeaftermath. I love seeing what people come up with, ESPECIALLY, other creatives like myself!