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Me and D went to Vegas [again] this past weekend.

Only this time, we were accompanied by our dear friends, Matt & Leslie.

The reason for the trip?

Well, besides fun 😉 we all had tickets to Jimmy Buffett’s St. Somewhere Tour.


And as you can tell by our attire, we were a bunch of CRAZY Parrot Heads! This was D’s fourteenth time seeing him in concert. He’s been a fan of Jimmy’s ever since he went to the Merchant Marine Academy, back in . . . I’m still pretty new to this whole cult following. In fact, Saturday was my second-ever concert of his. However, I wear my badge of Parrot Head-ism proudly, because I have come to love what Jimmy Buffett stands for and the escape of reality he provides. I also honestly believe he’s D’s own form of Jesus and that’s completely okay, because we all need something to believe in. I’ve learned through his music that we must be more present in our day-to-day lives and stop worrying so much about the future. I mean if we’re not having fun, then what is the point? I can truthfully state that at the concert, I was totally present and didn’t have a care in the world. I was in my happy place, standing beside my D and some of our closest friends, singing the lyrics to every song.

“It’s these changes in latitudes, changes in attitudes. Nothing remains quite the same. With all of our running and all of our cunning. If we couldn’t laugh, we would all go insane.“ – Jimmy Buffett

I have a feeling this Jimmy Buffett/Vegas weekend thing is going to quickly become a tradition.