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HaPpY Friday,  y’all!

It really does seem surreal that this weekend is Christmas. This has been THEE CraZiEsT busy season of my upholstery career, which is why the blog has been lacking on new content as of late. It’s also I’m guessing why I feel like = How? Just how can it be Christmas already?! It’s all good in the hood, though 😉 don’t you worry! I literally just dropped off my last upholstery gig of 2016 and am SO ready to spend the next week relaxing, eating and getting myself reorganized for the year ahead. Since I was so distracted with work this holiday season, I didn’t put much thought into our holiday decor after our EPIC Couplesgiving, because #1) I didn’t really have the time AND #2) our house is in some need of a little TLC before I go spending money on decorating for this time of year. Plus, who knows what I’ll want/like by the time we get the walls painted and the interior design done.

Nevertheless, I am happy though it’s the holidays.


Me & D are gearing up for a cozy weekend ahead filled with comfy clothes, puppy snuggles, and lots and lots of eating. Yep, it’s just us and the four furbabies. This has become our yearly tradition since D works all holidays [casinos never close] he will go to work while I stay at home and take care of the dogs. Then we usually go out to eat on Christmas Eve [this year our reservation is at Fiore’s] and then on Christmas Day, we will snack around the house on luscious appetizers while watching holiday flicks. It’s our normal and I absolutely love it. The house is quiet and warm, no family drama [WIN-WIN!] and our adorable little family will just hangout and enjoy each others company. It’s absolutely lovely. Our version of perfection.

“Maybe Christmas, the Grinch thought, doesn’t come from a store.” — Dr. Seuss

I hope you and yours have a wonderful holiday this weekend and I will write you again in the New Year 🙂 ChEeRs!