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Hey there, color lovers 🌈 it’s been over a month since my last blog post . . . I have been such a bad blogger as of late = I got back home from Palm Springs, drained AF from all the creative energy that is Alt Summit and then the Covid-19 pandemic hit . . . and well, here we are ðŸĨš all stuck in our homes for the unforeseeable future.

For the most part, my day-to-day life seems pretty usual as I am one of the privileged folks who already “works from home.” With that being said however my “work” 🛋ïļ a.k.a. my design/upholstery business has certainly halted 💔 so that has been an adjustment in itself. Plus, the hubby is also working from home now too, which for the most part has been fairly rad, and the furbabies, well, they are definitely thriving with many hours of uninterrupted attention. So far, so good for the Pilant household!

I mean things could always be worse, right? That’s at least the “perspective” I’m holding onto . . . AND since I’m not working a whole lot right now for other people, I have been filling my days with my own design work and decluttering projects . . . while also wearing whatever comfy clothing I can find and those are usually by Cabi!


In the past, I haven’t written a bunch about leisurewear because that isn’t usually my jam, and yet with the current state of the world, it has quickly become my “go-to” uniform — even if it’s only going from PJs to leisurewear back to PJs every day ðŸĪŠ hehe! My next Cabi Clothing blog post was going to feature their millennial pink “Grace” blazer/trouser combo but have now decided to hang her back up for another day and share with you Cabi‘s leisurewear clothing instead 😉 plus I feel EXTRA passionate now about supporting small businesses, especially those hard-working Cabi Clothing stylist gals. Did you know that each one of those ladies is an individual small business owner?! They sure are! And I so want to help keep their businesses afloat while also providing you with comfy clothes to wear while we’re in quarantine.


If you frequent my blog, then you’re already educated in my love of leopard and how I see it as a neutral in my closet, so it’s no wonder why my current Cabi leisurewear faves include this Knotty Tank with its matching Spotted Joggers. I also love to layer their Comfort Cardigan over top! 😍 But if leopard isn’t your jam, FEAR NOT as Cabi Clothing has multiple articles of leisurewear in their current Spring 2020 Collection. You can see all said comfy-clothing options by clicking here. And shopping with Cabi Clothing has never been easier = you can shop either via their website, their app [Cabi tap] or the usual route of your Cabi stylist. Either way, you’ll be able to effortlessly shop for leisurewear during this pandemic while also supporting a female small business owner ðŸĨ° that’s right âĪïļ you’ll be doing good while looking good!

Sponsored Content / Photos by 656 Photography