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Today just might be one of the most exciting days in my creative career thus far. As you know in the late part of last year, I launched my own home renovation show on YouTube called ROOM BLOOM, and as of today, am ready to share with you my first-ever completed interior design project = our Family Room! I am beyond pumped to have all of the remaining episodes of this project LIVE on my YouTube channel AND to be able to share these professional images with you here on the blog. In hindsight, the Family Room might have been a little CrAzY to take on as my first-ever interior design project, ESPECIALLY with that fireplace demo 😉 but like my upholstery mentor, James “Eric” Duvall used to say, “You CrAzY girl!” Which is Eric-speak for my tendency of taking on jobs I have no business of doing. I get a creative notion and I see it through come Hell or high water. I am proud of myself for completing our Family Room and am crazily enough just as excited to renovate the next room in our house. BUT, before I go getting ahead of myself, let’s take a mini trip down memory lane. For those of you who don’t remember our Family Room used to be . . . well, for lack of a better analogy, it used to be Fifty Shades of Brown; outdated with a rock fireplace.


After moving into our house, me and D had tried our best to make the space work for the time being, using his former “bachelor pad” sofa, ottoman, chair and chaise as the furniture for the room. Our large television wouldn’t fit where the wire hook-ups were located, causing us to have to take down the upper bookcases above the built-in cabinets [which I was MORE than fine with btw] not knowing the sides of the fireplace weren’t finished where they had been :/


This space stayed this way for next two years as we remedied some of the other issues within the house [e.i. new roof, solar, HVAC, water heater, etc.] then at the end of 2017, after being very frustrated with almost all of the contractors we had hired for various jobs, I got sort of harebrained idea = what if I renovated our home, room by room, project by project myself? AND what if I recorded all my work and shared it on YouTube? To my surprise, D was down for the idea, so I got to work; researching camera equipment, scrolling through Pinterest, reading every design magazine/book I could get my hands on! Then realizing that I would like to not only decorate the Family Room, but also teardown the outdated fireplace as well. I honestly thought I was going to lose D right then and there, but as it turned out he wasn’t a fan of that rock facade either – THANK GAWD! And that’s where ROOM BLOOM started, y’all with the fireplace demo!


And the rest, well, the rest of this story you’ll have to watch for yourself on my YouTube channel. There are 14 episodes in all for this first ROOM BLOOM home renovation that I think [if you haven’t watch them already] you will thoroughly enjoy! I have organized them all in chronological order via this playlist, starting with an intro to myself and my YouTube channel, then the house tour, fireplace demo – I think you get the idea 😉 I hope you’ll watch them all and also subscribe! But enough about that as I know the REAL reason you’re visiting the blog today and that’s to see what the Family Room looks like in all its renovation glory. As you will be able to tell by the photography, this space turned out even better and brighter than what I imagined in my mind’s eye. From the top of the ceiling all the way down to the floor, this Family Room is exactly what I hoped it would be = a colorful, yet comfortable space for me, D and our four furbabies ♥









I hope you have enjoyed going on this first creative ROOM BLOOM renovation journey with us. It’s been both fun and challenging flexing this interior design muscle of mine that my mentor, James “Eric” Duvall, always said I had ♥ I cannot wait to start renovating more spaces in our home this year and I hope you’ll continue following along with me. Just remember to hit “SUBSCRIBE” for my YouTube channel and stay tuned for some new ROOM BLOOM episodes in March!

Photos by 656 Photography

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