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Happy Labor Day, everyone! I hope this blog post finds you enjoying some nice relaxation. #meandD are actually quite busy today, packing for our upcoming vacation [that starts tomorrow]. But let’s not bore you with our to-do list 😉 instead, let’s talk about the concert we attended last night!

David Gray In Concert

As you know, D’s 43rd birthday was last weekend, so for one of his gifts, I got him two tickets to see David Gray LIVE in concert. Because, well, D loves David Gray, and two, David Gray doesn’t tour North America often. Anyway, the concert was last night, and let me tell you, it was freaking AMAZING! Honestly, before D entered my life, I only knew “of” David Gray, but now, I can firmly say I am SUCH a fan. What an amazing talent! I just adore how he actually sounds better than his recordings. I mean we ALL know how much a rarity that can be these days. Plus, he even played my favorite song of his = This Year.

“Isn’t this life so sweet?” – David Gray, This Year

THAT’S how you know, people, when you’re in the right kind of relationship = when it doesn’t diminish but ADDS to your life 🙂 I am so happy that D introduced me to David Gray’s music and that I was able to give us this experience. Money DEFINITELY well spent!