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Ever find yourself wondering what to do with those leftover Health-Ade Kombucha bottles?

A couple of months ago, shortly after I discovered my new favorite Kombucha brand, I found myself in this very predicament. Well, that was until Madmade Designs and I decided to throw a little Ladies Luncheon. Then suddenly, these saved, amber treasures of mine held a world of possibilityl. AND, since we brilliantly opted to include my color addiction of copper, I knew exactly what to do – paint them in a “rose gold” hue! BUT, not before a little prep work . . . the first part is pretty darn simple. Remove the label. I have [personally] found it’s much easier to pull the sticker off IF you give the bottle time to come around to room temperature.

Just sayin, folks!

Copper-Painted Bud Vase: 1

Next, you MUST have my most beloved product = GOO GONE.

Copper-Painted Bud Vase: 2

Once you have that, place the bottle in an empty sink. I say empty because [even though it’s amazing stuff] Goo Gone will mess up any plastic ware it comes in contact with. Trust me. I learned the hard way. So consider yourself warned! Anyway, after “sink placement,” spray that baby down, letting it sit for 10 or so minutes, allowing the Goo Gone to do its magic.

Copper-Painted Bud Vase: 3

Once the time is up, take a sponge, load it up on some dish soap, and get to scrubbing. You need the elbow grease to get rid of the sticky residue and you need the dish soap to cut the Goo Gone off the bottle.

Copper-Painted Bud Vase: 4

If you’re super O.C.D. like myself, you might also want to run that bad boy through the dishwasher. In the end though, it’s your decision.

Copper-Painted Bud Vase: 5

The last prep work is to clear away any water spots. I think Windex is ultimately the best glass cleaner out there, SO that’s what I used. You can do whatever 🙂

Copper-Painted Bud Vase: 6

Then it’s time for the fun part 😀 painting! Take some good ole painter’s tape and mark the area where you want the rose gold to show.

Copper-Painted Bud Vase: 7

I elected to do about an inch and a half at the bottom; just enough to cover the water inside the bud vase.

Copper-Painted Bud Vase: 8

I also cheated a little bit and used my glove as a painting cover as well. Thus, no little spots of copper would appear on the remainder of the glass.

Copper-Painted Bud Vase: 9

F.Y.I: this paint dries VERY fast. Please make sure to spray even and in a pretty quick manner without applying too much. I know it might sound stressful, but I know YOU can do it.

Copper-Painted Bud Vase: 10

“The purpose – where I start – is the idea of use. It is not recycling, it’s reuse.” – Issey Miyake

Now, all that’s left is for you to discard the tape and find a beautiful flower for your new copper-tastic bud vase! Who knew recycling could be so easy yet fun 😉

P.S. – Dear North County San Diegans, you can buy Health-Ade Kombucha at Cream of the Crop Natural Food Store in Oceanside!