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Well, color lovers — can you believe it?! We actually made it to the month of October 😳 man, it’s been such a circus of a year . . . when I try to stop and wrap my head around 2020, it’s almost like my brain can’t compute it all = all those plans, all those goals, all those dreams 💔 nope, nada, zilch! All except for the one that DID happen!

You see I had one MAJOR career goal this year as a DIYer and that was to work professionally with my home away from home = The HOME DEPOT 👷🏻‍♀️ and as fate would have it, the world waited to implode with the Corona virus until after I made their acquaintance randomly at Alt Summit in Palm Springs 🤯 how CrAzY is that?!

Grandma Margaret would say “I am living right and paying the preacher” with luck like 😉 hehe! But either way, I am so incredibly humbled to share with y’all that not all is hopeless in 2020. Your color-loving queen accomplished her main goal this year and is officially working with the Home Depot 🎃 starting with my fave holiday!

🤡 Jack-in-the-Box 🤡

Yeppers, working with the Home Depot for Halloween has left me grinning ear-to-ear 🤡 sorta like this scary clown! He’s a little preview of my official Home Depot Halloween reveal. You can see it on their blog now by clicking here. Don’t forget the Home Depot for your one-stop-shopping for home decor this holiday season!

Photos by 656 Photography