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Warm/cold, warm/cold, warm/cold . . . Spring is being such a tease here in San Diego, color lovers 😣 granted [I know] it’s only February πŸ’˜ but when you have a closet full of next season’s latest and greatest Cabi Clothing items, it makes a #stylecrazed gal like myself impatiently eager for that springtime feeling. I mean, SURE, I could be an “adult” about the temperamental temperatures and patiently wait for Spring to bloom, but what fun is that?! Thus, the other day when I was dying to wear my new Cabi Clothing Thespian Blouse with its matching Drama Skirt, I got creative and reached for some faux-fur items to help bridge the gap between Winter and Spring!


By incorporating faux fur with the Thespian Blouse and Drama Skirt, a visual interest of both warmth and an overall chicness was created; giving me the opportunity to wear my new Cabi Clothing items now [in the “in-between” season] instead of waiting for Spring to get her act together . . . oh and the faux-fur cardigan is actually from Cabi Clothing too! It’s from their Fall 2018 Collection and is named the Dynasty Sweater – proving once more how Cabi ClothingΒ is a wardrobe-building fashion brand. I’m always amazed how each new collection compliments the ones that came before her; giving us Cabi Clothing enthusiasts more and more ways to wear our clothes!


I could have also taken this entire look one step further for Winter by incorporating black, patterned pantyhose with it . . . but I also really wanted to wear my Sam Edelman faux-fur heels . . . and since I also have a HUGE pet-peeve about pantyhose with open-toed shoes . . . I think you get the picture πŸ€ͺ and yes, I know, I know = some people are into open-toed shoes with pantyhose πŸ’” I am just not one of those people πŸ˜‰ hehe! I hope you’ve enjoyed this creative closet idea for Cabi Clothing’s new Thespian Blouse and matching Drama Skirt; them along with the rest of Cabi Clothing‘s entire new Spring 2020 Collection is available for purchase by clicking here.


Cabi Clothing’s Thespian Blouse + Drama Skirt

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