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Today is MOVING DAY!

Yep, #meandD are leaving the Carlsbad Village to go and test drive the Fallbrook area before we buy . . . or BUILD our forever home. I usually get all nostalgic anytime I abandon a residence where I’ve spent some time. However, THAT IS NOT THE CASE WITH THIS HOUSE. But that is different story for another time 😉 ANYWAY, before the movers started tearing apart our carefully-curated home yesterday, I decided to snap a few photographs. OKAY! So, maybe I’m a wee-bit sentimental at the moment [dang, Vagina!].

Here was our home the past two years:


Bye-Bye 3391 Madison-1

Living Room

Bye-Bye 3391 Madison-2

Living Room

Bye-Bye 3391 Madison-3


Bye-Bye 3391 Madison-4


Bye-Bye 3391 Madison-5

Dining Area

Bye-Bye 3391 Madison-6

Hallway Entrance

Bye-Bye 3391 Madison-7

My Office

Bye-Bye 3391 Madison-8

My Office

Bye-Bye 3391 Madison-9

 Guest Bath

Bye-Bye 3391 Madison-10

 Guest Bedroom

Bye-Bye 3391 Madison-11

 Guest Bedroom

Bye-Bye 3391 Madison-12

Master Bath

Bye-Bye 3391 Madison-13

Master Bath

Bye-Bye 3391 Madison-14

Master Closet

Bye-Bye 3391 Madison-15

Master Bedroom

Bye-Bye 3391 Madison-17

Master Bedroom

Bye-Bye 3391 Madison-18

“Moving on, is a simple thing, what it leaves behind is hard.” – Dave Mustaine

3391 Madison was a nice [temporary] home AND we had it decorated pretty nicely, don’t you think?! 🙂 I cannot wait to share with you how we arrange things in our new rental. It’s a lot of work but always a pleasure!