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Okay, so I know I am not alone in this, but . . . I LOVE INSTAGRAM!!!


Well [of course] there are oh-so-many picturesque reasons 🙂 however, what I find the most enjoyable is how it brings strangers together: foodies, artists, bloggers, musicians, etc. – people who otherwise would have never made contact. For instance, take my newest artwork acquisition:

"Burner" By Sullybrate

(Burner by Sullybrate)

Doesn’t he fill you with such #instanthappy?! I cannot [sadly] tell you verbatim how this ALL went down as the process took me a bit :/ BUT all that really matters is it started with a printer’s Instagram post and ended with me standing in our bathroom, smiling ear to ear, staring at one of the best English Bulldog photos I have ever laid my eyes on.

How could I NOT hunt down this talented artist!?

I mean I love our fat Hazel AND I adore Willie Nelson. Now, two of my favorite things in one beautiful piece is hanging on one of our walls. It’s almost kismet. I’m just glad I didn’t see the Instagram post, say to myself “that’s neat,” and carry on through my feed. INSTEAD, I took a screen shot of this lovely beaut and did some research. And that folks is how you get one of kind décor into your home.

“We are continuously challenged to discover new works of culture—and, in the process, we don’t allow any one of them to assume a weight in our minds.” – Alain de Botton

I guess what I’m trying to say in all of this is to stop and SMELL the roses. Don’t only pass them by! We have the opportunity in this life to discover many great works of art. OH, and [obviously] go visit Sullybrate’s Etsy page [pronounced like “celebrate”] there are SO many adorable cards. You won’t know what to do with yourself!

P.S. – The blue lines in the picture are NOT on the actual print. It’s the reflection from the dang window 😉