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I have vision – a very clear, artistic mind’s eye.

Whenever I see a piece of furniture [that’s in desperate need of a little Homebird TLC], I usually know instantaneously what its makeover is going to entail . . . not necessarily a strategy 😉 but a creative outlook that shines through.

A perfect example = this little vanity seat.


Now, this is in not, by any means, the most amazing “Before & After” I have ever presented here on LLM. Nope. It IS, however, an introduction into my imaginative psyche: the part of Jenna that envisions the final product of her creativity. I honestly cannot explain it. The vision has just always been there. And when my friend gifted me this tiny bench a few years back, I immediately visualized it as a contemporary image of femininity; a piece of furniture, like all my work, that was both useful and original in style. Simply put: functional art.

“Vanity is but the surface.” – Blaise Pascal

I cannot wait to share MORE of my upholstery love with you this year as I have a feeling it’s going to be creative-it-lee-CRAZY 2014!