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When reupholstering a piece of furniture for a client, there are so many times I find myself not understanding the former upholsterer’s execution of work. Well, that isn’t the case for today’s #beforeandafter! No siree, Bob. Nope, these six dining room chairs originally embodied what I’ve grown to despise in my industry of business = cheapness, laziness, and an overall lack of craftsmanship! And if it sounds like I’m going to be critical here, that’s because I am 😉

For starters, the placement of the decorative tacks were hammered in every other direction than straight, causing immense damage to the wood around said tacks. The ivory fabric wasn’t stretch tight or evenly around its curves. But that’s also probably happened because there was no polywrap between each chair’s foam and fabric. Yes, you read that correctly, fellow upholsterers reading this! There was NADA polywrap covering the foam, which as we all know thus causes friction between the foam and fabric when stretching, AND further down the line, causes premature tearing of the fabric. I mean the ONLY explanation for such an oversight is THIS upholsterer was cutting his/her supply costs by leaving the polywrap out. The poor “tack” job was caused by either a lack of skill or a demanding work flow OR he/she just didn’t care like I care. And that’s what seperates Homebird Upholstery from the rest.

“My mission in life is to preserve craftsmanship.” — Waris Ahluwalia

I am NOT one of the fastest upholsterers but I am, however, one of the best. In my line of work, I wish the “wack and tack” shops out there would just slow down and take greater pride in their work. I wish the act of upholstery could be for all more about quality and less about the quantity of clients. THEN meant-to-be-beautiful chairs like these can be upholstered right the first time and last a lot longer than these did. But maybe I’m alone in this. Maybe other upholsters just want the repeat clientele?!