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When I first learned that Darling Magazine wanted to do an article on me and my furniture, I was [of course] elated . . . but the pressure of this fun reality quickly sat in and my mind was soon reeling with a ton of artistic ideas that went in about fifty million-billion-gazillion different directions furniture-wise [yes, I am really great at stressing myself out] the good news is, however, I knew what I wanted this feature to do: 1) start to reveal my work to the world AND 2) give credit to my roots for cultivating my creativity. I think it’s safe to say “it” accomplished both, but I’ll let you decide once you’ve read the article πŸ™‚

Before & After: "Mix Tape"

(β€œMix Tape” – Copyright Pending)

It was also personally important for me to refinish this mid-century modern, industrial-esque loveseat with its unusual arm for the magazine’s shoot. Why? Well, mostly because my Dad went to the trouble to purchased it at a Nebraska farm sale, completely disassembled it for me, and then shipped it, clear out to California [via Greyhound] just so his imaginative daughter would have another piece to work on. He also took the time to draw up an “assembly” diagram so I could easily put it back together! How sweet is he?! Plus, since I was paging homage to my Midwest upbringings in the article, I only thought it appropriate for my Dad’s stellar find to grace the pages of Darling as well. Now I’ve been asked a lot lately as to how I come up with my designs AND truthfully one of two things happen. I either buy furniture and almost immediately know what I am going to do with it OR I acquire a textile that inspires an idea that then forces me to hunt for the perfect “canvas”. A little weird, yes, but that’s #justjenna πŸ˜‰ and in this particular #beforeandafter instance, the 80s-tastic fabric you see in the picture above dictated my entire concept – even its name! I also pulled from the material’s multiple accent colors for the loveseat’s accessories, using glittery vinyl for its welting and peridot Swarowski crystals for its legs, creating what I believe to be a very rad piece of #functionalart.

“My mom passed on her obsession of all things antique or vintage. I love to go thrift store shopping or explore any sort of garage sale. Treasure hunting is a family passion.” – Zoey Deutch

So what do you think about this particular creation of mine = Beautiful? Funky? Too much to handle? Art is what you make it, so I already expect that people will either love or hate my stuff AND I happily welcome the discussion. Comment away!