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I’m a collector of worn out furniture.

Although, I guess you probably already had that figured out by now 😉 HOWEVER, what you might NOT know is a couple months ago, I took all my found treasures out of our storage unit and placed them in my upholstery studio. Why? Well, I decided it was high time to take my upholstery aspirations to new heights. My main goal for my business has always been to sell my pieces as functional art = to not be an upholsterer for hire but an artist of furniture. Now, it will be a while [I realize] before I can only rely on my creative aspirations. THUS, in the meantime, I will YES still have my usual clients, but in between the paid gigs, I’m going to pursue my true objectives.

SO, here is the first of [hopefully] many Homebird Upholstery artworks!

Eventually, this mission-styled rocker will be for sale on my Etsy page, but until then, I thought I would share it here with you on LLM. I was given this baby by a friend of mine and actually painted it orange before I even knew what kind of fabric I was going to use. That’s simply how my brain works! I see the piece in all its disgustingness and then I envision a color. How? Not really sure. It pops in my mind and there’s no way getting around it. Lol. No, but seriously, I am REALLY lucky that I actually found a material with a matching orange in it. I am definitely backwards in my process sometimes, but that’s Jenna being #justjenna!

“When I’m 80 and sitting in a rocking chair listening to the Rolling Stones, there is absolutely no way I’m going to feel old or forget my younger days.” – Patty Duke

Okay, so be honest with me – what do you think of its transformation?