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This is the one that started it all.

I was editing my Homebird Upholstery portfolio yesterday and ran across this photo – back in my creative-suppressed days and not a nice camera.

Oh, how things have changed!


Many people have asked me how I got into upholstery [it was hike], so here’s my CliffNotes version of how Homebird Upholstery came to be: my mom was a seamstress, I grew-up on a farm, we repurposed almost everything, the 4-H years happened, my mom and I started doing projects around the home, went to college, somewhere along the way I learned that “Jenna” means small bird in Arabic, graduated, moved, my life wasn’t going according to “the plan” [stupid plan], I took a few classes and then started throwing myself into recovering crap [and in most instances, I do mean crap] . . . you know writing this, I realize I was looking for a “do-over.” Anyway, this was the first chair I documented as a “before and after” and truly started my obsession with transforming furniture.

“The aim of life is self-development. To realize one’s nature perfectly – that is what each of us is here for.” – Oscar Wilde

And just in case you weren’t aware, “California Modern” was a common phrase used in the Mid-Century Modern movement (1945-1965) because people across California [especially Los Angeles and San Francisco] embraced the style so enthusiastically AND since I found this piece after I moved here, I thought it was to be named appropriately 😉

This chair now triumphantly sits in our bedroom and is usually used for putting on shoes.