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I don’t know about y’all but as soon as Halloween was over, I whipped that Daenerys Targaryen’s wig right off my head and immediately started thinking about the upcoming Thanksgiving holiday 🦃 there’s just so much to plan for with such little time = from decorating your November tablescape, cooking the actual turkey itself, trying to look polished while attempting to be a good host, attending multiple Thanksgiving gatherings [hold on, take a breath] not to mention, squeezing in your holiday shopping on top of all of that 🤪 it’s a CrAzY/fun time of the year that makes me oh-so thankful to have a fashion brand like Cabi Clothing in my closet; keeping me stylish while I attempt to wade through that long weekend’s hustle/bustle! Thus today, I am sharing with you FIVE OUTFITS for Thanksgiving weekend, starting with . . .

Thanksgiving Weekend Prep


The start of Thanksgiving week can be a stressful one, y’all! You’ve got your to-do list made, which in of itself is daunting, plus you still have groceries to buy, a tablescape to decorate, etc! You could easily think “I am simply too busy to get ready today” but I want to discourage those sloppy thoughts! I am a firm believer that what you’re wearing influences your mood, so I highly suggest getting ready for the day even when you’re in that “worker bee” mode. You won’t only look cute, but you will FEEL cute as well, which will also help elevate your mood, and ultimately, put a little extra energy into what you are doing 😉 win-win! To create this “Thanksgiving Weekend Prep” look, I am wearing Cabi’s Big Sur Shirt with their Button Fly Skinny and then paired it with some FUN hue-matching earrings and comfy sneakers!

Cooking The Turkey + Other Food


Growing up in the Midwest, my mother and her sister [my aunt] would take turns hosting Thanksgiving and Christmas each year . . . whenever it was our “turn” to host a holiday, it used to drive me bonkers watching my mom scramble to finish getting herself ready – moments before our guests arrived 🤦🏻‍♀️ well, here’s my word to the wise regarding “cooking the turkey + other food” 🍗 get that dang bird into the oven, and then before you do another single task, get yourself dressed for the morning’s madness! Put on your face, and at least, get your hair ready. That way the only thing you have left to do after all the cooking/baking is to throw on a fresh outfit for the actual meal itself; wearing Cabi’s Mosaic Blouse with The Marathon Jogger in the kitchen. I opted for no tank top underneath to stay cool with all that oven heat!

Hosting Thanksgiving Itself


Then after the table is set and all the food is made, it’s time to count our blessings and celebrate all that we are thankful for 🥳 and the Thanksgiving set-down meal is one of the those times to ultimately bring your A-game fashion-wise to the table [ESPECIALLY IF YOU ARE THE HOST] there is nothing worse IMO than attempting to enjoy your delicious meal while your hostess is [or seems to be] strung out/disheveled and not put together. Maybe you shouldn’t even host if you can’t pull off a polished look?! 🙏🏻 And I know this isn’t very California for me to say, but if it’s cold out, ladies, and you’re wearing a skirt, please [for the love of gravy] put some tights on! I know that’s very Midwest of me but this outfit would NOT be same if Cabi’s Shadow Leaf Blouse & Miranda Skirt wasn’t paired with these stripped leggings!

Attending Multiple Gatherings


There are many wonderful things that were instilled in me by my Grandma Margaret; three of them instantly come to mind when entering someone else’s home. #1) Never arrive empty handed. #2) Always share the wealth [a.k.a. food] so if you have a surplus of something [in this case = pie] you bring that too! And #3) dress with respect for yourself, the host and his/her guests. Yep, Grandma Margaret definitely help raise me right!! But now at almost 35 years of age, I also have a few of my own personal tips up my sleeve, AND for this particular gathering-centric weekend, that’s to have multiple outfits pre-planned in advance; that way you can give yourself a REFRESH before running to the next event 👌🏻 recreate this look by popping the collar of Cabi’s Python Blazer over top their Pivot Filled Tee with the Cinch Skinny!

Black Friday/Cyber Monday Shopping


Now I don’t know about y’all, but I refuse to deal with all the CrAzY that is Black Friday. Personally, Cyber Monday is where it’s at when it comes to my holiday shopping . . . with that being typed however, this comfy cute outfit could also possibly work for either shopping excursion. I created this casual ensemble by wearing Cabi’s Standout Pullover and Pivot Jogger with some of my dog hair-covered house slippers . . . you of course would opt for sneakers instead IF you were getting your “Black Friday” on . . . THAT and and possibly a coat 🛍  I hope you’ve enjoyed these five looks for the upcoming turkey-lurkey Thanksgiving goodness. STAY TUNED for a similar [holiday-themed] Cabi Clothing blog post as well in the coming weeks! OH, and don’t forget to check out Cabi’s NEW ARRIVALS that also just dropped!!

Photos by 656 Photography