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Hello, color lovers, ORC designers and fellow ORC guest participants πŸ›‹οΈ welcome to my design+style blog 🌈 my name is Jenna Pilant [puh-lawnt] and if you’re new to ROOM BLOOM DESIGN, well, I hope you love colors, y’all, because I am a San Diego designer that specializes in creating one-of-a-kind [non-trendy] COLORFUL AF furniture and interiors for both me and my clients. You can learn more about myself, my colorful life and design/upholstery background by clicking both here and here.

The Spring 2020 ONE ROOM CHALLENGEΒ is my third official time participating as a guest participant . . . I mean technically it’s my second as I wasn’t able to finish the Fall 2019 ONE ROOM CHALLENGE . . . you see the very first week of last October’s challenge, my sweet Grandma Margaret’s suddenly passed away as I was en route to Los Angeles to pick up my flooring tile πŸ’” which of course was devastating πŸ’” pushing the entire “half bath reno” to the back burner, so I could attend her funeral.


⬆️ Spring 2019 ONE ROOM CHALLENGE Before & After ⬇️

Jenna Pilant's Rainbow Chandelier Entryway Project

For those of you not familiar with the ONE ROOM CHALLENGE, it’s a biannual online design event [created and owned byΒ  ] where professional interior designers and guest participants design + renovate a room in either our own home or a client’s home in a short six weeks time. This time around however, it’s a wee bit different. Due to Covid-19 and our current pandemic world crisis, the Spring 2020 ONE ROOM CHALLENGE was actually postponed in April to the month of May, which is why some of us are a little ahead of the game right now. They are also giving us additional time [an extra two weeks in fact] to work our magic. YIPPEE!! Better Homes & Gardens is also the official sponsor of the ORC, which is definitely exciting with the possibility of BHG noticing my work 😳 could you even imagine?!?!?

But enough with the ORC logistics as I know why you’re really here = to find out which room in our “Fifty Shades of Tan” home I’m going to be designing + renovating myself in six EIGHT weeks time. Now I will be honest though. I DID start working on my space back in April when the ONE ROOM CHALLENGE was officially suppose to kick off. HOWEVER, I did NOT get far; so without any further adieu, here is my Spring 2020 ONE ROOM CHALLENGE space = our FORMAL LIVING ROOM!


As you can see by this “before” picture, the FORMAL LIVING ROOM is in much better “before” condition than our ENTRYWAY space initially was last spring . . . mostly due to the fact that I painted both sides of that MASTER BEDROOM door over a year ago and then decided to paint the ceiling and the walls this bright, inviting white back in December . . . right before that RAD vintage ’70s circular sofa was delivered from the Los Angeles area [please see above] but even with the ceiling and the walls already being painted, there is still plenty left to do in a short eight-weeks time for this ONE ROOM CHALLENGE space πŸ‘·πŸ»β€β™€οΈ here’s all the items left on my to-do list:

  • Remove and donate old ceiling fan to Habitat for Humanity. βœ…
  • Paint the ceiling and walls a bright, inviting white. βœ…
  • Disassemble old security alarm sensor above master bedroom door. βœ…
  • Prime/paint interior wood windows. βœ…
  • Install new window shades.
  • Clean & repaint the inside of the fireplace’s firebox.
  • Prime/paint the top wood portion of the fireplace structure.
  • Install the fireplace’s art installation.
  • Tear down and reupholster the 1970s circular sofa.
  • Create a one-of-a-kind coffee table.
  • Remove wallpaper and demo countertop in built-in bar area.
  • Install new bar countertop.
  • Prime/paint the built-in bar’s wood.
  • Tile the built-in bar’s backsplash and sidewalls.
  • Create or source additional artwork for living room’s walls + additional decor items.
  • Install new ceiling fan.
  • Photograph the entire completed space.

Yeppers! As you can tell by that list, I better get to work, y’all πŸ˜… I mean, well, I have been working [technically] as I decided to utilize some of the “postponed” time to prime/paint the FORMAL LIVING ROOM’s wood windows, which was a tedious AF project 😣 you’ll see what I mean in this brand-new ROOM BLOOM on YouTube!

Oh, and if you’re wondering where the heck my design board is for this space, well, I decided to leave that for next week as I could not figure out how to share it without giving away next week’s fireplace art installation reveal, so you’ll just have to wait, colors lovers πŸ˜‰ I promise it will be worth the wait 🎨 STAY TUNED!


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