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I love a good challenge.

So much so, last month, my favorist blog, Apartment Therapy, hosted a month-long, decorating project.

[And you guessed it] I jumped right in!

I picked our guest bed since we had company coming and it was that one room that needed the most work. Now, I have to admit I had originally planned on one long post about the entire ordeal, but to be honest, it was TOO overwhelming. So instead, I’m going to be “the little engine that could” and slowly post about how I turned this bedroom mess into a visitor’s haven. Anyway, one of my major areas of concern for this makeover room was the nightstand situation [or the lack there of], and since this particular interior activity left me reeling with ideas, I created a Pinterest board just for “The Style Cure” and, well, my creative-scheming pleasure. I was hoping for a pair of Mid-Century Modern ones but DID NOT want to spend in the price range I was finding. So, after some massive Craigslist searching, I found these inexpensive, full-of-potential, IKEA side tables for $50.00!


And as you can see, I couldn’t resist 😉 just some disassemble, sanding, spray paint, and reassemble . . . then VIOLA! We have two nightstands for our guests and I’m one more step closer to decor perfection. The best part is they were secondhand.

“You cannot bring about prosperity by discouraging thrift.” – William J.H. Boetcker

I promise a couple more posts about the rest of the room real soon – Jenna’s honor!